People Who Drink Their Own Urine Each Morning For Good Health

urineOPEN Magazine has the hottest alternative health secret to start off 2014:

77-year-old south Mumbai resident Sudarshan Dheer’s daily routine begins by waking at 4:30 am and drinking a glass of his own urine. When he is afflicted by an infection or any other ailment, he increases the usage to three times a day. While all this might sound unpalatable, Dheer is part of large community of people who believe that the consumption of one’s own urine gives a huge boost to immunity.

Dheer heard about auto urine therapy (AUT), as it is called, nearly four decades ago when he had a painful viral infection. Somebody told him to read a book called Water of Life, the bible of urine drinkers written by John Armstrong. Dheer began to drink urine and his ailment came under control.

Morarji Desai, the late Prime Minister of India, was a urine drinker who felt no coyness in talking about it. He was from Gujarat and this is a practice most popular among Gujaratis. There is even a monthly magazine called Shivambu that is aimed entirely at urine consumers.

To those who drink it, urine is not a waste product. According to them, the body produces useful chemicals like hormones, steroids and enzymes to keep itself healthy, and the surplus is shed in the urine. When you drink it, you are thus merely reimbibing all those useful chemicals.

While drinkers often cite research to justify their practice, when it comes to peer-reviewed studies published in credible scientific journals, there is little support for these claims.

Dheer takes it to a spiritual level. He says that the quality of urine is determined by one’s state of mind at the time it is processed: “Unless you handle your mind, your urine will be polluted.”

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    From poop smokers to piss drinkers, Is this Heaven?

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    so you read Water of Life and ur in to it?
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