Signs Of Consciousness Found In Rats Brains After Death

ratsDo rats go to heaven? Via Ghost Theory:

Jim Borjigin of the University of Michigan’s team implanted electrodes on the surface of the brains of nine rats, then injected the animals with potassium chloride, stopping their heart and blood flow. At that point the rats are considered “clinically dead”.

Yet for up to 30 seconds, the researchers’ electrodes detected patterns of synchronized, high-frequency activity known as gamma waves. In humans, some scientists have suggested that gamma waves could play a role in the interplay of perception, awareness, and intent known as consciousness.

“By presenting evidence of highly organized brain activity and neurophysiologic features consistent with conscious processing at near-death, we now provide a scientific framework to begin to explain the highly lucid and realer-than-real mental experiences reported by near-death survivors,” wrote Borjigin’s team.

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    i think i see the little dipper and big dipper in the pictures
    it must be a secret movie plot indicting the origin of the signal
    which is *astoundingly* the location of rat heaven

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      Looks more like solar coronal activity to me. But what do I know? I only got a D- in my EEG Reading for the Colour Blind night course at Vexler-Hamsley-Wallen and Associates Community College in Whitehorse, Yukon.

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