Steve Roach – Dream Body

Steve Roach is one of my favorite artists. He’s creatively prolific, and everything he does is impeccable. Check this out and enjoy.

via Wikipedia

Steve Roachis an American composer and performer of ambient, electronic music and tribal-ambient music, whose recordings are also classified in the genres of space, drone, and New Age. Roach is recognized as one of the “leading innovators of contemporary electronic music.”

  • Matthews R Bark Attorney

    Interesting video to watch out… thanks for sharing

  • Virtually Yours

    Dear Brother Elias: I listen to Steve Roach all the time, both at work and at home. Have an entire Pandora station devoted just to him :-) His music helps keep me balanced and calm – focused and centered – and I can’t imagine my life without these haunting and timeless soundscapes…

    If anyone reading this is unfamiliar with Roach’s body of work, let’s just say that his creative output has been prolific and his discography can appear somewhat intimidating upon first glance, though you can’t really go wrong (well, except maybe with some of the really early stuff which was way too “new-agey” for me…)

    His cosmic sonic sculptures are of epic and unparalleled proportions. I lose myself in these tracks frequently and find that they are ideal for both reading and writing. Can also fall asleep listening to them (the dreams!) and they can also contribute to an utterly sublime and other-worldly massage :-)

    Thanks for spreading the good vibes!