Thinking Allowed: Jacques Vallee – Implications of UFO Phenomena

Thinking Allowed: Jacques Vallee – Implications of UFO Phenomena

This dated yet very interesting interview of Jacques Vallee, covers a vast area of topics surrounding the UFO Phenomenon.

  • How Jacques Vallee was an inspiration for Claude Lacombe in  Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Also, the disagreement he had with Steven Spielberg’s portrayal of aliens.
  • His views on the lessons of the phenomenon.
  • The three levels of the Phenomenon:
  1. The physical.
  2. The affects on witnesses.
  3. The social impact on belief systems.
  •  19th century pre advanced technology sightings.
  • New disciplines using artificial intelligence to prioritize reports and gain structure of knowledge for more insights.
  • Physical evidence.
  • European interest and lack of on the phenomenon, and the implications of.
  • The similarity of trends throughout the world.
  • The challenge the phenomenon offers to science.
  • The misunderstanding of the phenomenon and the attached mystical or occult links.
  • The overall complexity the phenomenon offers to the approach applied.
  • Adam’s Shadow

    Jacques Vallee is the man; reading “Dimensions” not only changed my opinion of the UFO phenomenon, but completely altered my entire worldview. Highly underrated thinker and writer, in my opinion.

  • alizardx

    I like Vallee’s POV on UFOs as a good chance to do science. And that he doesn’t take for granted that observations of UFO phenomena automatically mean ALIENS!!! FROM OTHER PLANETS!!!

  • Simon Valentine

    there’s a quote from Threshold by the guy who played Data that goes something like “on the day the mars rover landed what were the news headlines? BRITTANY SPEARS MARRIED IN VEGAS”

  • Thad McKraken

    He was friends with Robert Anton Wilson. Gee, wonder why R.A.W. wasn’t a fan of Sagan.

    • echar

      If Robert Anton Wilson jumped off a bridge, would you?

  • Silent Waft

    So, hyperdimensional thermostats.
    Hot or not?

    • echar

      Hot and not and maybe.

  • Adam’s Shadow

    Double same for me in regards to Keel and Morrison; have you read Jung’s “Flying Saucers?” One of the most interesting takes on the subject. Also, it has this kick-ass quote in it:

    “Something is seen but it isn’t known what. This formulation leaves the question of ‘seeing’ open. Something material could be seen or something psychic could be seen. Both are realities, but of different kinds.”

  • Adam’s Shadow

    He’s not the only one: John Keel, RAW, and even Carl Jung (among other researchers), have said much the same thing about an ET hypothesis not really doing justice to the UFO phenomenon. And if you’ve ever read Vallee’s books, he makes a very convincing case, considering the surreal nature and nonsensical behavior of the entities described.

    If we had an advanced alien race coming to Earth to do “research” of any kind they have collected far too much data and in highly ineffective ways from a scientific standpoint, and there’s no reason why they wouldn’t just land on the White House lawn or at the Kremlin in front if millions regardless. Interestingly, Vallee also says that the ET hypothesis is itself a disinfo campaign by world governments to hide their own role in creating some UFO encounters whole-cloth.

  • Adam’s Shadow

    In that case, I have some solid, non-metaphysical real estate in the Hollow Earth I would like to sell you. Maybe you could flip it and sell it to some Deros for a nice profit.

    My cousin made $10,000 in one week just using her Macbook!

  • Adam’s Shadow

    “yea, sure, i am interested in that real estate of yours… so, rather no thank you.”

    So, are you in or not?

    Nice ET anal rape joke, by the way, I’m glad it got posted. Because, Jesus Christ, I was starting to think your witty comeback was never going to happen. You’ve obviously thought LONG and HARD about this (see what I did there? Not my best work, I know). Sucks you tried to edit your stuff for so long and everything still showed up anyway in all its dipshit glory, because it just makes you look foolish and cowardly, but they can’t all be winners. So good luck with your… “research”… I guess…

    Oh, and throw some research at me; I love this David Icke shit. Seriously, I think it’s hilarious. This is turning into one of those threads that I can point out to my friends and say: “THIS fucking guy; isn’t he great?”

    • zerocool1101

      thught long? lol, i posted it in a minute after i came home, but i am sure it would take you hours to write it. i reposted few ‘censored’ versions as comment was not getting apporoved. anyway, you are the one who really showed in a “dipshit glory” and much worse. my comment is concrete and disseminates your stupid theory, but instead of answering with an argument you went with nonsense about the hollow earth, erroneous of course, since hollow earth is supposed to be in higher planes thus being “metaphysical”, not “non-metaphysical”. then coming up with David Icke out of the blue and some more bs sarcasam,, just no sign of intelligence there, not to mention, no meaningful argument whatsoever.

      • Adam’s Shadow

        “my comment is solid and disseminates your stupid theory”

        Well then, thank you for disseminating my theory! I appreciate that. Shall we discuss your excellent grasp of the English language, or your meaningful argument of underground bases and the “countless species, they are fleash and blood like us, most are perfectly human, some 30% are not.” Because I would love to hear your secrets. Throw some knowledge at me.

        • zerocool1101

          english is not my first language, monkeybrains, that’s why i corrected that word, . funny you would stick to my misuse of that word, instead of coming with an argument, again. your theory of “non physical et’s” is still stupid as ever. i am not going to throw any knowledge at you, knowledege is free available for anyone, so go do a reasearch instead of making fallacious claims.

          • Jin The Ninja

            ‘go do research’

            that’s always an absolute winner.

          • Adam’s Shadow


            “Hey, you don’t make any sense; explain yourself.”

            “No! Go do research and explain my position for me.”

          • zerocool1101

            hey, easy, no need for cuss words, yes, as i said, there all kinds of beings, physical and non physical or beings of light, there are also those who are from the higher planes, but still physical..they can travel between the planes in the ships, and more advanced ones don’t even need ships as they are made of pure light. i don’t have “hard evidence” nor do i claim to. if you are interested in the subject and do a extensive research, you will probably come to the same conclusions. if you don’t that’s fine with me, you can believe whatever you want.

          • Adam’s Shadow

            I see; so detailed anal rape jokes and calling someone a “twit” and “monkeybrains” are okay, but typing “fuck” is bad.

            Look, you are also free to believe what you want, but when you claim “my comment is concrete and counter arguments your stupid “non-physical et’s” theory, but instead of answering with an argument you went with nonsense,” you really expect me to not respond? Especially when you don’t back up your opinion at all? You tell me I have no counterargument, then I give you one, and you still have no evidence for your own claims, material or abstract, and you continue to act like you know what you’re talking about.

            In my infinite desire to argue and have the last word, I’ve already spent too much on this, so fuck it. I was wrong, this is no longer fun.

          • Adam’s Shadow

            Not really my theory, but Jacques Vallee’s, among others. But I thought that was obvious, based on it being the entire topic of discussion. And I don’t know if you know how things like “debate” and “thinking” work, but when you make a CLAIM or provide an OPINION, you back them up with EVIDENCE and REASONS. Any of this ringing a bell? Because I’m not really reading a sensible argument here; your entire claim is that ETs are solely physical, we are being observed by countless species, some of which are light, some of which are flesh and blood, some of which are interdimensional (which is really not much different than saying “metaphysical”), some of which are underground, some of which are on moon bases, and… what? Your evidence or proof of this? “Go do research.” No, that’s your fucking job when you’re trying to refute someone else’s point or disagreeing with them.

            If ETs are physical and there are numerous species observing us, there should be mountains of physical evidence; where is it? In many UFO encounters and contact cases, why is there such a significant spiritual component? Why is the behavior of many of the entities involved so illogical and nonsensical? Are these the actions of advanced civilizations from beyond the stars? Because they seem more like an advanced, nonhuman intelligence manipulating us. Saying “they’re from another planet” begs the question of WHY beings from other planets would be here in the first place, and how they could be such shoddy scientists/researchers that they must abduct people, submit them to invasive procedures over and over and over again, and dump them in the middle of woods. If they have the technology to travel light years, they should also have the technology to collect that data without all those steps. It makes no sense.

            This was fun; we should do this again.