Vial of Sound: A Lifetime Passed

Enjoy this amazing video animated by Tel Aviv artist Ori Toor.

Vial of Sound | A Lifetime Passed from ori toor on Vimeo.

  • Virtually Yours

    Very cool…thanks so much for sharing this :-)

    It is particularly poignant because, earlier this evening, I watched the 2013 Asimov Debate about “The Existence of Nothing”. The way this animation starts out – with that one tiny morphing/pulsating shape as it dances about the inky void – makes me think about the whole something-from-nothing concept which they delved into quite nicely during said discussion (though admittedly there are several moments when I wish that Neal – goddess bless him – would not interrupt so often and just let them talk!)

    Ultimately, I agree with a combination of the two panelists who argued the most throughout the debate: starting off with the principle of plenitude (everything is) you can try to imagine every possible dimension/universe that could ever exist, including at least one which could be the manifestation of a true void (no laws or time or gravity or particles of any sort…zip, zilch, zero)

    And from that seemingly infinite range of possibilities, it just so happens that we inhabit one which contains all of the necessary ingredients for us to not only exist but to also be able to perceive our existence. And the “first cause” (as some like to think of it) does not necessarily have to be anything more grandiose than a single quantum fluctuation causing an unstoppable chain reaction…

    From a visual point of view, this video goes quite well with that concept/theory :-)