After Years of Being a Republican Activist, I’m Done With the GOP

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(ship) half-submerged and sinking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)(PD)

It appears that the Republican party is losing people left and right. To quote the Emperor from Star Wars.

“Now, you will pay the price for your lack of vision!”

via The Guardian

The cultural disconnect among Republican leaders is so severe that I just don’t think that the party can be saved

I’ve been a Republican activist all my life. As a volunteer and professional staffer, I held positions in party organizations and campaigns since high school. I was the ultimate partisan team player, even forming GOProud, an organization for gay conservatives and their allies. But I no longer recognize the party I grew up supporting, and I recently announced that I have changed my voter registration to “no party”.

I left the Republican party because it no longer represents my principles and values. I am a limited government conservative, yet Republicans today like big government, as long as they are in charge of it. I also don’t tolerate bigotry of any kind, and today’s party does. While most Republicans I’ve known over the years aren’t bigots, they tolerate and kowtow to the few who are. The wrong voices have dominated policy debates.

During the 2012 election campaign, I came to the conclusion that the Republican party is incapable of ever winning another national election, because the tolerance of anti-gay activist and other forms of bigotry in the party prevent too many voters from even considering voting for even the Republican candidate.

The organization I founded, GOProud, was the de facto “Gays for Mitt Romney” in the 2012 election. During that campaign, I saw that Romney was held captive and paralyzed with fear of retribution from anti-gay and other forces of intolerance in the GOP.

He couldn’t even do real outreach in the gay community and those who support gay rights for concern that he would be talking to “unapproved” groups. I am truly convinced that even if he wanted to reach out to the 47% of Americans who support gay marriage, he couldn’t have. The forces of intolerance wouldn’t have let him.

My first indication of this happened during the primary campaign when I made a small financial contribution to his campaign. Even though everyone else at the fundraising event I attended had their contribution correctly reported to the Federal Elections Commission, my occupation and employer was mysteriously listed as “requested”. I immediately knew that Romney didn’t want anyone to notice that the head of the gay organization was supporting his campaign.

After he secured the nomination, Romney wouldn’t stand up for my friend Richard Grenell when he was under fire from the anti-gay folks. Grenell had been hired as Romney’s foreign policy spokesman, but the intolerant wing of the GOP objected because he is openly gay. Romney failed to back his spokesman and Grenell felt compelled to leave his job with the campaign.

There were many more examples of Romney rejecting opportunities to stand up to the bigots and demonstrate some basic level inclusion. Many of them occurred at the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida.



  • Juan

    Wow, this reminds me; I met a guy once who was a gay, Mormon, Mexican, republican. Cognitive dissonance much?

    • VoxMagi

      You have got…to be kidding me…

      Did he randomly batter himself…or did he just run into Klan rallies and beg for abuse…because that’s some serious masochism?

      • Juan

        No idea. I didn’t wanna know.
        Was just really glad I had my own issues and not his:)

        • VoxMagi

          Apparently his biggest issue was an absolute and complete immunity to irony!

    • InfvoCuernos

      That’s not as strange as it first seems: Mit Romney’s father is from Mexico, so there’s a republican Mormon mexican there, and as for the gay part… Well, we all know you don’t choose to be gay so I’m there are some in the mexican mormon communities down there. Vice did a pretty good expose on the mormon community the Romneys came from.

  • VoxMagi

    Well, I’m glad the “Log Cabin” types are starting to see the light. They’ve been dancing with crazy people for years while the conservative culture has continued to slouch ever deeper into hypocrisy, hate-mongering and xenophobia…none of which are, or were ever supposed to be, conservative values.

    Le sigh…not that it matters much, because there isn’t a major party with clout that has any interest in serving Americans well …gay or otherwise. There’s a party that likes a little gay, minority, women etc support on the side, but has no intention of doing anything of importance other than hoping the courts settle it…and then theres the party of frothing psychopathy.

    My advice to the guy would be start shopping third parties…and take as many friends with him as he can…because you won’t see a real worthwhile debate on TV until they can’t find enough Rs and Ds to fill at least one fake audience to clap for soundbites.

    • Liam_McGonagle

      Yeah, but you know they’re just looking for a gay-friendly oligarch. I don’t see this as a real enlightenment.

      That’s the problem with ALL American parties: “Why can’t they do things MY way?”

      • VoxMagi

        To be really honest…my worst fear is that, like a mass production of Roy Cohn clones, GOP gays are really masochistic bottom bitches who love the danger of having a ‘rough trade’ relationship with people who might order their deaths at any moment…and ache to lap the hand that beats them. i’m starting to suspect its a genuine perversion disorder, and that hollow souled queens aching for approval will keep lining up and giving homophobes legitimacy by displaying exceptional loyalty in selling the rest of us out. The problem I have is when the time comes for the era and that crowd to fall…the rest of us have to live with the reputation built by snivelling collaborators.

        • Liam_McGonagle

          Historically, most people seem to think of political participation as a game of “pick your co-optor”.

          Civil War era honkeys in the North objected to plantation owning oligarchs shutting them out of the farming market by buying up huge tracks of western land to be worked over by slaves. And neither were they happy with the idea of free Black people coming north to compete in the industrial job market.

          Almost nobody thought for a moment that a labor union of both white AND Black members ought to work against the oligarchs of both sections.

          So I guess the failure of Reconstruction worked out for (almost) everyone.

  • Daniel Savio

    It isn’t the Republican party that changed. It’s you. You finally woke up to reality. Congratulations.

  • BuzzCoastin

    I don’t like Coke any more
    I’m gonna go with Pepsi

    ya know what the bigest diff between Coke & Pepsi is?
    one’s sugar water is called Coke
    and another’s sugar water is called Pepsi

  • TruAnRksT

    Obama is a Democrat and a total puppet.

    Let that sink in.

    Next vote? WHO cares, it will mean nothing.