2014 Academy Awards – Best “Most American” Film (leaked clip)

Oscars 2014 – Preview (Spoiler Alert Leaked Clip!!!) 86th Academy Awards

Benny and Kevin from JoyCamp were thrilled to be invited back to the Academy Awards. They had a lot of fun presenting the award for The Best “Most American” Film of the Year (despite a little snafu at the end). Check out this leaked clip to see who won, and what happened during their presentation.

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1 Comment on "2014 Academy Awards – Best “Most American” Film (leaked clip)"

  1. DrDavidKelly | Feb 27, 2014 at 12:24 am |

    That’s the best one of their comedy things I’ve seen yet. Not so much as funny but I liked the way they sent up “conspiracy theorists”. Media manipulation is the 21st century’s elephant in the room aint it Bob? Blindingly obvious, universally acknowledged and yet the subject is completely absent from public discourse.

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