These 5 Corporations Helped Carry Out the Holocaust | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin highlights the top five companies that aided Nazi Germany during the height of WWII, calling out companies such as Hugo Boss, IBM and Ford.

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  • Serpent

    All I can say is thank God for Capitalism.

    • echar

      Shhhhh… you’ll upset the natives.

  • Simon Valentine

    i’m not saying it was the Nazis…

    Alan Turing is closer to me than Ford

    dealership system is complete crud, and the lack of proper organization is … whatever sort of wrenching feelings comes with both disgust and astonishment … so, can the pun be purchased separately from a module? “you’ll have to buy the entire intake manifold because that little hose isn’t sold separately”

    “where is the crime” crime games.

    …but it was the Nazis.

  • M00nface

    I wish we could have a sensible conversation about the holocaust – it’s like the one single historical event that is not open for any kind of debate whatsoever….

    Try reading up on the evidence behind the fact that six million died and within one click you end up on some dreadful neo-nazi site…

    But I want to question EVERYTHING…

    And I’m so so sorry but I’m afraid that nothing is sacred – cos’ it’s only Maya anyway – the land of illusion

    *gets coat and makes mad dash for exit before ADF and other mental bigots arrive*

    [M00nface has bin drinkin’ tonight]

    • disqus_Ub4fvwt0g2

      There is plenty of sensible debate on the holocaust at the academic level. Debate over who was in charge, how complicit were the German people, the goals of Hitler, the purpose of the purge, and many other things but there is no academic debate about million of people dying because the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. I suggest you read Denying the Holocaust by Deborah Lipstadt and you can read about how she had to defend herself in court regarding the holocaust as well. Debate is healthy and available, but certain things are facts and don’t need debate. The fact that water is comprised of H20 is a fact and does not need debate.

      • ÿ

        What about H₃O?

        • M00nface


      • M00nface

        What went on during any period of history and a scientific fact are NOT the same thing.

        “I suggest you read Denying the Holocaust…”
        How patronizing. I don’t deny the holocaust.

        “…there is no academic debate about million of people dying…”
        Well my posting aims to address the very issue of why academics don’t challenge assumptions…

        Your answer actually totally confirms what I said. We can’t talk about it. Reading your reply then I can sense you’ve got me down as a nazi or a loon. And I’m not either. I’m a history teacher. We’re allowed to debate how many people died in the Armenian genocide.. or Stalin’s purges… but oh no not the holocaust.. The fact that I’m only happy expressing these opinions anonymously speaks volumes… Maybe I’m a witch?

        “Debate is healthy and available…”
        Excuse me but where?

        And before somebody says ‘it doesn’t matter how many people died’ then yep I totally agree on one level. But on another level then it does, because surely we want our history to be accurate.

        After the war the Red Cross (who were present at every single camp btw) did their own analysis / survey and said that 270000 people had died. And they had access to a wealth of documentation and witnesses that no longer exist..

        No wonder that disgusting nazi David Irving has got a grin on his face all the time.

  • ÿ

    who wears short shorts?

    Also, is there ever a segment where they don’t show her crossed legs?

    • n0b0d1

      What bothers you about her sitting with crossed legs? :

      • ÿ

        you can move Katie Couric
        from the morning enema
        to the evening hate

        still not a journalist
        or whatever

        • n0b0d1

          This isn’t Katie Couric. 😐

          • ÿ

            ∝ ¬ =

          • echar


          • ÿ

            Breakfast. Have waited waaaaay too long.

            And the batteries in my keyboard are dying. Stupid wireless $#!%

          • echar

            Get an aux. wired keyboard, may hap.

          • ÿ

            You’d think so, but no not really…

            The only wired mac keyboard is the stock keyboard. And if I’m going to resort to Apple peripherals, I’ll just throw an iDevice at n0b0d1.

            But I meant what I said, “∝ ¬ =”

          • echar

            Ouch, apple. Can’t help you there. That’s your first mistake. 😛

          • ÿ

            One mission critical prog I use is PC or Mac only. I know how to work around the apple tax, and when I said “fuck off” to a picture of bill gates, I meant it.

            Otherwise I’d finally figure out what version of linux, bsd, debian, ubuntu, or whatthefuckever I can operate successfully and use that.

          • echar

            That’s the issue I found with Linux. Kind of cool, a huge learning curve, and where the hell do I find programs to do the things I want to do.

            I know, computer nerd heresy!

          • ÿ

            I think you’re just supposed to program your own. Seems easier than finding them, at any rate.

          • Calypso_1

          • ÿ

            you’ll have to buy me dinner first, at least

          • echar

            Contradiction of a non point?

          • Calypso_1

            : )

  • Pinkmist

    Yea and IBM made heaps of Rifles (M1 Carbine) for the US Military too, quality product.