Angela Davis on Activism (Video)

Photo: GeorgeLouis (CC)

Photo: GeorgeLouis (CC)

Angela Davis was one of the most famous voices (and faces) of African American political activism in the 1960s and ’70s.

She’s still speaking out, and in this talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music she talks about committing oneself to struggle for a better world and the vast history of activism for the right to freedom:


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  • BuzzCoastin

    video won’t play on my android
    even using Chrome
    howver this link
    is probably the video

    • Mark Dunne

      It’s not. Angela Davis isn’t even in this video you linked to. You could wait til you get to a desktop if it’s not working for you.

      • BuzzCoastin

        thanks gramps
        that was point
        most people are now using tablets & dumbphones
        time to adjust the site accordingly
        you’re right
        that ain’t her
        and google doesn’t list the vid anywhere

        • Mark Dunne

          So let me get this right your point was because you can’t watch it from a phone people should settle for a video that is in no way related to the post?!? That’s grampa logic if we’re going down the name calling path.

          • BuzzCoastin

            thanks gramps
            I’m gonna go find a box
            and then I’m gona get a crack telephone
            and a 128kb modem for it
            and surf the net the right way
            like grampa does

  • DoomedNY

    Auto-playing video is bad. Please don’t.

  • jeff_p101

    a video played for me, I think it was angela davis, but, I shut it off due to ‘music’? background,.. I found it grating and just shut it down. I really wanted to hear what she had to say, but, not enough to put up with that sound!