Bret Easton Ellis, Rob Zombie Team on Manson Murders Project

Charles-mansonbookingphotoThe author of “American Psycho” writing a Manson Murders TV series directed by Rob Zombie? You can’t make this stuff up. Unless you work for Fox. Variety has the details:

Writer Bret Easton Ellis and director Rob Zombie have teamed with Alcon Television to develop a project for Fox that will revisit the people and events connected to the Manson Family murder spree in August 1969.

The project is envisioned as a limited series, but it is in the very early stages of development with Fox. Ellis is set to write the script and some additional materials. Zombie is on board to direct.

Zombie has long been fascinated by the Manson Family slayings, which left seven people dead in the Los Angeles area. Among the victims were actress Sharon Tate, who was eight and a half months pregnant at the time with the child of director Roman Polanski, and prominent Hollywood hairstylist Jay Sebring.

The killings were so gruesome, and the stories of Charles Manson’s level of control of his drug-addled young followers so disturbing, that Manson was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy charges even though he was never found to have committed a homicide himself.

Manson’s clutch of cult followers have been suspected of many other murders during that era. But it was sheer brutality and psychopathic theatricality of the killings (complete with messages written in blood at the crime scenes) unleashed on Aug. 8-9, 1969, that jolted the nation’s psyche.

The Ellis-Zombie collaboration aims to tell converging stories of people and events leading up to and after the murders, from shifting points of view…

[continues at Variety]


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    This will either be really good, or really bad. I sure hope Zombie doesn’t cheeze it up too much.

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    I am not too impressed with Rob Zombies direction. I’d rather read Nikolas Schreck’s book.

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    Glorifying this tragedy is a mistake.