Building Alien Worlds – A Paper on the Neuropsychological and Evolutionary Implications of DMT

Pic: Terpsichore (CC)

Pic: Terpsichore (CC)

Fellow disinfo psychonauts might find this of interest… Researcher and DMT-Nexus member Andrew R. Gallimore, PhD., has published a new paper on DMT in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. It is currently being hosted on The Nexian news site, and is free for viewing/download. The role that DMT and its tryptamine relatives- such as 5-meo-dmt and bufotenine -play in the nervous system, and its evolution, is far from fully understood. Hopefully works like this could help shed some much needed light on the subject:

Abstract—Arguably the most remarkable property of the human brain is its ability to construct the world that appears to consciousness. The brain is capable of building worlds during waking life, but also in the complete absence of extrinsic sensory data, entirely from intrinsic thalamocortical activity, as during dreaming. DMT, an extraordinary psychedelic, perturbs brain activity such that indescribably bizarre and apparently alien worlds are built. This property of DMT continues to defy explanation.

However, by regarding this unique molecule as equivalent to serotonin, an endogenous neuromodulator with a long-standing relationship with the brain, DMT’s effects may be explained. Serotonin has evolved to hold the brain’s thalamocortical system in a state in which the consensus world is built. When serotonin is replaced by DMT, the thalamocortical system shifts into an equivalent state, but one in which an apparently alien world is built.

This suggests that DMT may be an ancestral neuromodulator, at one time secreted endogenously in psychedelic concentrations—a function apparently now lost. However, DMT maintains a number of unique pharmacological characteristics and a peculiar affinity with the human brain that supports this model. Thus, the modern practice of ingesting exogenous DMT may be the reconstitution of an ancestral function.


Friends, right here and now, one quantum away, there is raging a universe of

active intelligence that is transhuman, hyperdimensional, and extremely alien.

—Terence McKenna

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5 Comments on "Building Alien Worlds – A Paper on the Neuropsychological and Evolutionary Implications of DMT"

  1. リカルド 忍者の心 | Feb 26, 2014 at 7:33 am |

    Ayahuasca is not about DMT, It’s about more subtle substances that vibrate in higher frequencies than physical matter (generally called as ‘metaphysics’). It’s about your love, your faith, your gratitude and your respect! It opens your chakras one by one, starting from the bottom of your spine, and so when you are at the climax of an Ayahuasca Ritual, you can feel, hear and see the substances from higher dimensions of nature. You can see that the sounds form colorful geometrical images (like mandalas and kaleidoscopes) in the astral world, and for an unaware or materialist person, that would look like a ‘psychedelic hallucination’, but in fact it is the perception of a natural phenomenon that we don’t notice when we’re not in the state of amplified counsciousness that Ayahuasca induces.

    When on effect of Ayahuasca, you comprehend that your counciousness does not come from the brain or the physical body, that your existence is much older than the age of your physical body, you see that there is counsciousness in all animals, plants, minerals and bacteria, and also that there are plenty of other conscient beings living apart from our physical world! You can feel that you, everyone and everything is just one Counsciousness, and if you are experienced with silent meditation, you will be able to feel from where this Counsciousness comes from!

    There is no religion when on Ayahuasca: the direct perception of the spiritual world is much superior than sacred books, preachers and dogmas!

    About the statements of Mr. Andrew R. Gallimore, PhD., I can say that there’s no property of DMT that defies explanation, but just a researcher that needs to get out of his laboratory and join us on an Ayahuasca Ritual here in Brazil (Ayahuasca Churches are not difficult to find here).

    • Rus Archer | Feb 26, 2014 at 3:24 pm |


    • Mu Geistlicht | Feb 27, 2014 at 3:14 am |

      All that you’ve said is Pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo. “substances that vibrate in higher frequencies than physical matter”? Please take a dictionary and check what those words mean please… and I am sorry for being rude.

      • リカルド 忍者の心 | Feb 28, 2014 at 8:14 am |

        Dear brother, I am not and I didn’t try to look like a scientist in my comment. What I wrote was a report of my personal experiences.

        Some decades ago, acupunture and TCM were also labeled as ‘pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo’ by western materialist scientists because its theory is based on the ‘Qi’ energy and its channels (which are not made of physical matter).

        I am not inventing these chakra and metaphysics ‘mumbo-jumbo’, the Eastern cultures have been researching and talking about it for thousands of years, and despite that we cannot hold these ‘things’ on our hands or put it under a microscope, we can feel all of these energy, channels and centers in our body if we get aware of its existence and start paying attention to it.

        DMT doesn’t make us create alien worlds on our minds, IT MAKES US REALIZE THAT ALL OUR MINDS TOGETHER ARE CREATING THE SAME AND UNIQUE REALITY, but when we’re trapped in a individualist thought pattern, thinking that we are the container of our counsciousness (and not the counsiousness itself), that we are individuals separated one from each other, THEN OUR MIND CREATES AN “ALIEN WORLD” FOR ITS OWN, AND THAT ALIEN WORLD STARTS TO BE ‘OUR REALITY’, which is nothing more than a pseudoreality… people with limited individualist minds don’t perceive the reality, they build an artificial ‘vision of truth’ inside their heads and just keep living that illusion!

        I’m sorry, I don’t know if I’m using the right words to describe what I’m talking about, or if I’m using them in the right way (I’m not an english native speaker and I’ve never been to an english speaking country). If you want to give me a good english dictionary for foreign learners, you’re welcome!

        And you’re also welcome to join us in an Ayahuasca Ritual to feel for yourself what I am talking about! Everyone here is invited!

        • リカルド 忍者の心 | Feb 28, 2014 at 8:23 am |

          And for those who are still sceptical about metaphysics, please read about the history of Lawrence Anthony’s death and the procession of 30 elephants that occurred to his house just after his death, on March 7th 2012, a fact that proves not only the existence of telepathy, but also of animal counsciousness.

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