CBS host laughs in Ted Cruz’s face for repeatedly denying he shut down government

The Nerve of this guy. Forget deporting Justin Bieber.

via Crooks and Liars

CBS host Bob Schieffer’s was driven nearly to a fit of giggles on Sunday after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) repeatedly refused to take responsibility for last year’s government shutdown.

The veteran newsman led off his Sunday interview by simply asking if Cruz would be willing to once again hold the government hostage to try to get concessions from President Barack Obama.

“Well, Bob, with all due respect, I don’t agree with the premise of your question,” Cruz replied. “Throughout the government shutdown, I opposed a government shutdown. I said we shouldn’t shut the government down. I think it was a mistake that President Obama and the Democrats shut the government down this fall.”

“The question I asked you was, would you ever conceive of trying to shut down the government again?” Schieffer pressed, clearly not buying in to the alternate reality.

“As I said, I didn’t threaten to shut down the government the last time,” Cruz insisted. “I don’t think we should ever shut down the government. And I repeatedly voted…”

“Well,” Schieffer interrupted, laughing out of frustration. “If you didn’t threaten to shut down the government, who was it that did?”

“President Obama,” Cruz said.

Schieffer dropped his head as the Republican senator’s rant continued: “I understand the White House said over and over again that the shutdown is the Republicans’ fault. And I understand that’s what you’re repeating. But the reality is, I voted over and over again to fund the federal government.”

“Senator, I know what Republicans were telling me — like [House Speaker] John Boehner — that this was a disaster and never again,” Schieffer shot back, frustrated but also clearly amused at the senator’s talking points.

  • Gilgamesh

    Cruz, we’re not buying it. YOU shutdown the government.

    • Lookinfor Buford

      When did the ‘spend as much fuckin money as I want to’ govt shut down again? I must’ve missed something.. I thought we just gave a few park rangers some nice extra paid vacation, and bitch slapped a handful of the greatest men this nation has ever raised (our WWII vets).

      • Gilgamesh

        In October of last year? To a tune of a sweet wasted $24 billion.

        • Lookinfor Buford

          Whose number is that? Go ahead and post it so I can shred it.

          • Gilgamesh

            Still waiting on the epic shredding of your’s man.

          • Lookinfor Buford

            Really, seriously, you’re citing this paragraph?

            “We believe that to date, the shutdown has shaved at least 0.6% off of annualized fourth-quarter 2013 GDP growth, or taken $24 billion out of the economy. However, the closer we get to breaching the debt ceiling, the higher we expect the economic impact to be.”
            Zero substantiating evidence. Zero source. Just, “we believe”.
            As if the entire discussion about the “shutdown” hasn’t been completely composed of such arrogant nonsense, you’re going to sit here and cite the above. My paragraph above carries far more weight. It is based on facts. And so does the following statement, which I also own.
            The absence of economic activity in the face of uncertainty and fear cannot be put on the books as a loss. Otherwise, GDP, GNP and all other measures of economic strength would be moot, as they would *always* be negative.
            S&P would like for you to defer to their expertise in this matter.. Just like they and other ratings agencies had the world deferring regarding the investment grade of the banks in 08. How’d that work out?
            shredding complete.. sorry it took me a while to get back. Have a nice day.
            p.s. If you want to show me some REAL numbers, I’ll still be happy to debunk them all day long.

          • Gilgamesh

            S&P knows more than you do.
            S&P control the ENTIRE U.S. credit rating.
            If S&P says it’s is. Then it is!
            You reply itself is gibberish.
            You do NOT carry more weight than S&P.

            What “real numbers” would convince you?
            Do you want an excel spreadsheet to show you how each freaking dollar got wasted?
            Proving you wrong is SO easy. It’s like arguing with a toddler.
            Check your diapers buddy. You’re going to crap your pants on this one.
            Factcheck doesn’t agree with you voodoo economics.

            Total cost $12-$24 Billion!

  • Anarchy Pony

    Canada, you have a lot to answer for.

    • Dingbert

      It’s funny that out of all of our terrifying contemporary enemies, Canada seems the most effective at disrupting the function of the US gov’t.

  • alizardx

    Most interesting thing about this, CBS host thinks his org doesn’t mind his saying this. Most of .001% lost money on gov shutdown. (part of why Cruz is trying to revise history)

  • InfvoCuernos

    Isn’t this how all terrorists speak? “YOU are responsible for this terrible act that I have committed by not giving in to my demands!”

    • Juan

      That is exactly what the Spamish would read to Native peoples before they slaughtered them.

      • InfvoCuernos

        En Espamiol no doubt.

        • Juan

          Jeez, typo.

          • InfvoCuernos

            ya, but it made genocide a little funnier.

    • Anarchy Pony

      It’s the rationalization of an abusive. “I didn’t hit you because I wanted to, I hit you because you made me do it, by not doing such and whatever.

  • Just me

    Obama needs to own it, time to stop blaming everyone else and man up!

  • Dingbert

    Ted, you know the president can’t do a damn thing about any bill until Congress passes it, right? It could only be Obama’s fault if he vetoed the resolution. You actually voted against it ever getting to him. Four times, in fact.

    Maybe you just need a refresher:

  • Dingbert

    Go back to Canada!

  • Eric_D_Read

    As much as I hate to say it, Cruz is not wrong here.
    He’s a slimy little opportunistic piece of shit, sure; but that’s a requirement for serving in the current gov’t.

  • Hobartcat

    No, he didn’t *threaten* – he did it. Why in the hell journalists can’t see through these facile word games is beyond me.

    • VaudeVillain

      Well, it would seem that at least one can do precisely that. Hence, this story.

  • smarsh

    Bob Shieffer is a disgrace!

  • smith

    This indeed is a very devious fellow ! Wouldnt surprise me if he is in with the drug cartels !

  • Lookinfor Buford

    I agree with Ted. The Obama spin machine masterfully duped the zero-brained in this country that the repubs were responsible. Any sound reasoning adult can see that that was not the case. Remember, debt ceilings exist to protect us from a bunch of farkin idiots up there robbing us blind. Hence, it’s a gov’t slowdown, or reigning in, not a ‘shutdown’. Bunch of melodramatic twats.
    Not a word about ‘which’ govt jobs this admin ‘chose’ to cut when this went down. Park rangers? really? was that financially prudent? uh, no. Did any useless bureaucrats lose their jobs. Uh, no. And when the ‘media’, not the people, whined about those furloughed, the pols from both sides immediately relented and offered back pay? WHAT A FUCKIN CROCK!
    The govt in this country needs to be ‘slowed’ down. It will not be ‘shut’ down until we the people shut it down. The debt ceiling is the best way to do this.
    There are millions of useless govt worker who ‘should’ be kicked off the teet. I am for several public institutions. I’m no ‘Mr. Privatize everything’. Keep teachers, pay them better, keep defense, keep building roads, keep a contingent of foreign diplomats. Send everyone else (/s) the fuck home. Including the untold number of staffers who actually ‘write’ the things our pols ‘say’. Wake the fuck up people. Cruz is not the problem. This pussified nation just doesn’t have the stomach for people with balls anymore.

  • Dingbert

    I was being facetious. Add that to the long list of things that don’t translate very well on the Internet.