Charges Over Scout Leaders’ Destruction of 170M Year-Old Utah Rock Formation

Goblin Valley State Park in Utah

Goblin Valley State Park in Utah (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (CC)

Remember the dimwitted Boy Scout leaders who push over the rock formation at Goblin Valley state park? They have been charged and awaiting possible conviction.

via the guardian

Taylor, 45, is charged with felony criminal mischief and Hall, 42, faces one count of felony aiding and assisting in criminal mischief, the director of Utah state parks, Fred Hayes, said in a statement.

If convicted, each man could face up to five years in prison, a fine of $5,000 and restitution for damages to Utah’s protected natural resources.

The men were stripped of their leadership positions with the Boy Scouts of America after the video surfaced, igniting a furore and flooding the state parks office with angry calls and emails.

“From literally from around the world. Folks who have either been there [to Goblin Valley state park] or even just seen pictures of it,” Hayes told Reuters at the time.

National Boy Scouts officials said they condemned the vandalism because it violated the organisation’s “leave no trace” ethic that seeks to preserve natural areas.

Taylor and Hall did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Friday. They told park officials last year that the boulder was a safety hazard they remedied by knocking down.

Utah state parks spokesman Eugene Swalberg has said the agency did not consider the rock a danger.

It was one of thousands of sedimentary rock formations, dating to the late Jurassic era and known as goblins, that were carved over millennia by water erosion and windblown dust in the popular park in the high desert of south-eastern Utah.


  • Marc Hug

    Fucking tools.

  • Dingbert

    If we have a flag burning amendment, we can just get rid of The Church of the Boy Scouts of Latter-Day Saints entirely.

  • VoxMagi

    This is one of those moments where one of my principled beliefs bites me in the ass. I disagree with our jail happy society fueling a prison for profit scam by assessing heavy incarceration time for non-violent offenders…of all types.

    But these two douchebags…they make me question my faith in the above principle. As an ex-Scout, I’m glad the organization dumped them…it would have been inexcusable to keep two animals this stupid in positions of responsibility over kids. But even so, my sense of disgust is so great that I want their suffering to be more tangible. I hope the fines and restitution leave them homeless and so broke they have to eat out of dumpsters until they die of hypothermia while stoned on lighter fluid to numb the pain of their miserable existence. It’s an offense to all that we are forced to share air and water with deadweight this repulsive.

    • codedp

      Cuz they moved a rock formation? I would look at everyone whom built this society as well…

    • I_abide

      This the scouts have a problem with. Molesting children… we’ll just brush that under the rug.

      • VoxMagi

        Yeah…ever since fundie Christards invaded the Scouts, its gotten creepier and weirder. Glimmer of hope tho…they’ve finally stepped down off the high horse and admitted gay scouts.

        And in their defense, molesters will be found wherever there are targets…there is no org or activity immune to this. But at least, unlike the churches, the scouts actually communicate with police and permanently dismiss people over these things…as opposed to the priests that get shuffled everywhere in the hopes that people will just forget that they screw kids.

    • Ano
      • VoxMagi

        I’m not sure you get the point. Its a national park because OF the rock formations. There’s only ONE rule…don’t push the f*cking rocks. THEY ONLY HAD ONE JOB! These are retards sucking valuable air and food from people who could use it better. I may have been hasty in my earlier judgement though. They should be publicly flensed, then filmed as they are still screaming and skinless, flung into a vat of lemon juice. This film should be aired at every crossing point into the national park, with a short explanation that this is what happens to dumbf*cks who break the ONE RULE.

        If they fall over on their own, bummer, but it happens. If you push them over because you’re a chucklehead…no skin, lemonjuice, filmed screams to teach the lesson to others..

        • Ano

          well the park should stop telling people to climb and jump on the rocks then! They were affraid some kid tried to clim on it because this day a thousand people or so were jumping from one rock to another. I’m absolutely convinced they thought they were doing a good did, otherwise I would agree with you. If you’re concerned as I am with nonviolent offenders being in jail you shouldn’t be that violent in your first comment.

          • VoxMagi

            In case you hurried not to notice…these were scout dads who managed to not notice the entire purpose for the park. It isn’t a secret. The safety protocols for camping in the area are understood by all. Playing dumb after they’re in trouble and pretending that they were acting out of an interest for safety is so blatantly fraudulent that the penalties should actually be increased. These guys were chuckling clownshoes. Then they buttcovered and circled the wagons to lie their way out of it, which is even more shameful than the initial stupidity.

            A better comparison would be someone snickering while they wipe off the Mona Lisa with a dishtowel full of Dawn…and then when they get arrested for annihilating a cultural treasure…they say “Hur hur…it looked dirty!” No one would care that they ‘claimed’ to have meant well…they’d be in deep shit and infamous for their stupidity and ignorance.

            None of what I mentioned includes jail :-) Thats the best part. Just poverty until suicide…or skinlessness and lemon-based agony. Who needs a jail system for that? I’m also open to pillories, horsewhippings, drawing and quarterings, and canings. The only way I’d support putting these two in jail…is if someone can absolutely guarantee me that their cellmates will declare these two losers buttholes as cultural treasures…then leave their ‘culturally treasured buttholes’ looking like someone punched a bowl of spaghetti.

  • Dingbert

    Yeah, I know. Unfortunately, I was a Boy Scout, too. It just always amuses me. Although after reading that, I realize I’ve seen this done “disrespectfully” many times.