Coincidence Control Network: Episode 60


This week: Phillip Seymour Hoffman: Goodnight sweet prince, Isla’s got his hands all over your Japanese bra, Go hack a fridge, Remove the pox of the Internet with one nifty plugin, Enigmatic Castaways, Git your Drones off my yard!, Cyberflora on MY Internet?, and Raymonds Oathorama!

PersonnelFrater Isla, Raymond Wiley, Roejen Razorwire and Ken Eakins


  • Japanese Invent ‘True Love Bra’ Link
  • Now fridges are at it! Link
  • De-bullshitter plugin Link
  • Desert Island Depression Link
  • Beer Drone Shot Down by FAA Link
  • Cyberflora all over my Internets! Link
  • Oath-keepers go operational Link

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