Coincidence Control Network: File #061 – Florida Watch!

This week: Isla promos the homo..wait, I fancy some human heads with my Ramen, Ken has that sinking feeling, The Bible: the gift that keeps giving, Isla’s Florida report, Crowd-sourcing the cure for cancer, and those crazy Aztecs and their manuscripts.

PersonnelFrater Isla, Kim Monaghan, Roejen Razorwire and Ken Eakins


  • 8 US States with “No Promo Homo” Policies Link
  • Get some Human heads in your belly Link
  • Fucking Sinkholes in the UK now! Link
  • More Down Home Bible Based Madness – Link
  • 55 Bodies Uncovered at Florida’s ‘School of Terror’ Link
  • Another Zombie Attack in Florida Link
  • Man Sets Apartment Fire after Being Told to Stop Masturbating Link
  • Is There A Female Comms Expert ? – Link
  • Voynich manuscript decoded Link

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What Happens When A Black Man ‘Stands His Ground’ In Florida

Via Addicting Information: It’s an unfortunate fact that certain states’ “Stand Your Ground” laws are getting tested more and more these days. In fact, in Florida alone, deaths that are...