Corruption Behind Toxic Coal Waste Spill in North Carolina

Rachel Maddow reports:

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  • BuzzCoastin

    if the gulf of mex bp oil massage is any indication
    the execs in charge will get bonuses
    and the customers will pay the tiny fines for them

  • Craig Bickford

    Do we really need to get this news from Maddow? Fuck her fake MSNBC
    liberal BS.

    • kowalityjesus

      Can you tell she is imitating the President’s speech inflections, quite closely? The President imitates a northern, roughly Wisconsonian accent. Lord knows where his “Hawaiian” ass got it from. The very definition of “phony,” haha!

  • Chaorder Gradient

    Mainstream media!?
    Disinfo I am dissapoint.

  • echar

    This is pretty awesome, yet I must come up with a way to complain about this. How else would I convince others how committed and better I am? My ego is at stake here.

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