A Critical Analysis of the State’s Definition of “Ecological Terrorism”

Pic: Will Potter (CC)

Pic: Will Potter (CC)

An incredibly lucid and thought provoking analysis by David Nickles of the DMT-Nexus, via their news site: The Nexian:

While the following article focuses on the relationship between the state, its shareholders, and ecological activists, much of the framing, narratives, and propagandizing can be easily applied to the War on [some people who use certain] Drugs. The parallel manners in which dominant narratives (and their wide-ranging repercussions) are framed by politicians and media figures in both arenas are easily observable and evidence certain functions of the state apparatus. This article is intended to serve as a crash course in some radical perspectives on ecological struggle, in order to lay the foundation for future writings on ecological resistance and entheogens. Ecological struggle is inherently tied to entheogenic rituals within many cultures around the world. The utilization of entheogens to open ourselves to these struggles, catalyze our own action with regards to them, and create rituals that can help sustain the long-term engagement necessary for such work cannot be overstated.

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2 Comments on "A Critical Analysis of the State’s Definition of “Ecological Terrorism”"

  1. So if I don’t use entheogens, I’m not really an environmentalist?

    • Damien Quinn | Feb 21, 2014 at 8:07 pm |

      I read the whole article, nothing about entheogens, very confusing.

      Essentially, it’s a well written (if a little long for my taste) essay that can be summed up thus;
      The government uses name calling and doublespeak to smear dissenters, among other dirty tricks.

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