Governor Pollutes N. Carolina for Coal Hard Cash | Heroes and Villains

Abby Martin calls out North Carolina governor, Pat McCrory for his role in pushing through a myriad of policies that are negatively impacting hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians, as well as his connection to Duke Energy, the company responsible for the 3rd largest coal-ash spill in US history.

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  • Simon Valentine

    man the drag net for this stuff is fracking fascinating, but i have a confession to make. i’ve never actually completely listened to slash watched an abby video, and i mean that in at least the least two ways of the bunch. the pattern at the access of it though … “where did this come from” not in the sense of location person time, but instead it is a question asked of pattern, process, and reality. perhaps we shall never know, and not having enough to prognosticate, i’ll conclude with:

    proposing that the net is the water we’re swimming in instead of the net is with us in the water may be an illogical proposition surrounded by logic constituents, but my religious conversion is just a bit beyond that i’m afraid – the difficulty some may face at the face of us is not so much fraud as it is a square peg in a round hole, so to speak … and yes i’m aware of “lucifer mode” … good guys have to get better, until they’re better than the bad guys, which is technically a problem of simultaneity because they become the bad guys then (secret secret unlock)

    just keep swimming~

    • Simon Valentine

      NIN Vessel, NIN Satellite … you can queue them on youtubesssss

      • Simon Valentine

        yeah, it’s like this

      • American Cannibal

        Abby is better as artist than teevee hostess. IMO, obvi.

  • Thurlow Weed

    I don’t know but if you dressed up Rachel Maddow in a ninja suit and sword, and had her sit so the spread of her exposed thighs could be seen for most of a news report, Maddow might beat Martin.

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