Hypnotizing Ice Crystal Timelapse Video

Ever caught yourself staring at thin ice on the road or where ever. Or maybe watching the pearlescent tendrils of petrol on water wend their way in a puddle? This video is akin to both experiences combined. You are welcome.

Ice Crystal Timelapse from Shawn Knol on Vimeo.

via Vimeo

Timelapse video of ice crystals melting, photographed using cross-polarized light.

Music: Jani R – And The Faded Notes Play
Used under a CC license – Attribution 3.0

Camera: Canon T1i
Lens: Sigma 105mm F2.8 + Kenko Extension Tubes

  • http://americancannibal.org/ American Cannibal

    Thanks! I just smoked a big, fat bowl. I need something to distract me from eating.

  • kowalityjesus

    Hell yes that was AWSEOME. Truth is always so much stranger than fiction.