Why Isn’t There a Popular Theory of Dark Mind in Psychology?

darkmindservitorThe more I’ve rocketed my personal microverse to the outer fringes with various Occult exploration techniques, the more I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re spiritually retarded as a species. And let me define what I mean by spirituality quite clearly here. Of the spirit. Dreams, visions, hallucinations, synchronicities, etc. The opposite of materialism essentially. Spirit. It’s right in the fucking word. All of our brains do this primal reality creating trick to a certain extent. And when I say that we’re spiritually retarded I’m not just using the term for insensitive comedic effect. I actually think it’s an apt metaphor. Those we derogatorily refer to as retarded are often defined by the more PC “developmentally disabled” and in a way, I think that’s what’s going on with us. On one hand we’ve developed the logical mathematic side of ourselves at a freakishly rapid clip, but on the other, we’re still starting wars based on interpretations of visions that supposedly happened thousands of years ago. These visions can be easily reproduced in a rather scientific manner but there’s an enormous societal taboo that the business collusion between religion and war have put on the pursuit of this hidden information. The development of our 5th dimensional hive minds has been effectively retarded and I’ve come to think this retardation is purely intentional.

I suppose one of the reasons I think this has to do with a spontaneous ganj-i-tation transmission I had roughly a year ago (friend me on Facebook so you can keep up with this sort of Occult derangement, I’m quoting my feed here):

“I have a series of absolutely crazy visions. The eye in the pyramid. The Inner Eye. The Illuminati (run by Beyonce and Jay-Z). “Don’t be surprised there’s a bug in your eye.” to quote sir Wyndorf. It’s like the eye of Sauron for a second. When you look into the eye, it’s looking back at you. Things get dark and the image of an upside down pentagram projects into my consciousness. It’s projecting into all of us. This pisses me off but I get it. Sports, the dark materialistic masculine side of humanity. We have to get it in check. I focus and turn the pentagram right side up with the power of the same image and eye, flooding it with white light energy.”

Of course this was echoing things that I’d seen hinted at before. Hell, the idea that we’ve been banished from paradise is a biblical one. In the above vision however I was seeing the precision machinery of internal order which is intentionally binding us here. As a couple of people informed me after writing about this, various mystics throughout history have seen these machinations of conformity working behind the scenes, so it’s not just me. Part of the communiqué also involved my intuitive impression that this operation is projected into our spirits largely through the increased corporate control of the media. When you think about it, since advertising revenue generates most content on that level, the last thing you’re ever going to see seep through the bottom line enhancing approval filter is anything explicitly endorsing the hyper potency of the human imagination.

And yet the good news on that front is that about a week ago I had yet another concise internal dialogue where I was informed that this coercive force has lessened in power or moreover, that its peak has crested and its efficacy will now be in a state of continual decline moving forward. Of course this all goes in line with the classic Occult procession of Aeons concept. From this perspective our former shamanic incarnation (who built the pyramids and all that other weird shit) was materialistically retarded and now you’ve got us and we’re spiritually retarded. The combination of both of these Aeons will create a new era of humanity with a more balanced understanding of both of these aspects of ourselves – the masculine and feminine combine to create a new conquering child and all. There are always metaphors within metaphors.

Of course a few days after I’m internally informed about the reduced efficacy of this primordial order generating matrix, I read that Scientific American of all places is now endorsing the reclassification of psychoactive chemicals so we can you know, actually like, study them, rather than running in terror and throwing people in prison. Now of course what I find interesting about this new approach modern psychology is taking has to do with how amazingly conservative it is. Quite genius. There is just too insane a bias against the enormous potential these sacred chemicals possess that you’ve got to grossly undersell it as not to freak out the squares. The day before the Super Bowl I watched a discussion on the weed laws in Denver and Seattle on the national news. Nobody on the panel mentioned anything about the meditational or sexual intensifying aspects of the drug. I still don’t see this being discussed much outside of Disinfo posts like this. From an Occult perspective, that’s the entire point but maybe it is better to keep people a bit in the dark at the moment. Maybe the upside down pentagram projection device grounding us here needs to weaken a bit more before we can work these ideas in at a deeper level. Now you’ve got a psychological movement selling us on the idea that we can use sacred chemicals to help cure things like drug addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, and PTSD. Not saying they can’t, just saying that you’re shooting a wee bit low with all that. This stuff has the potential to completely transform religion as we know it. No more wars over how we can use our dicks and shit. Seriously.

Now that weed’s being legalized, I’ve been contemplating the potentiality of starting a Gnostic based pot meditation church in Seattle. Again, not something I was even considering until it was suggested to me while surfing a wave of hypnagogic marijuana intel. The thing about pot is, it takes a bit of hypnotic suggestion and focus to push the user toward this sort of revelatory bliss. Most people don’t put in the effort or moreover, are never privy to the suggestion as to its potentiality. But imagine if something as basic as say, psilocybin was legal. How are churches going to compete with that? I spent years doing all the Christian rituals. Absolutely nothing you’re going to find singing hymns and reading the bible obsessively is going to get you that close to God. How would traditional pastors compete with someone like me in an open market type situation under those parameters? They’d have to adapt pretty quickly and when that starts happening, it’s already too late. Consumerism’s in its fucking death knell. This kind of shit has to start happening or we’re fucked. As much as it’s nice and important that mainstream science is finally taking an interest in psychoactive transcendent inquiry, it’s truly down to the mystics to sort out this divine madness for the masses. We have to start training people to be mystics and right now that’s not a path very many are pursuing at all because there’s no money in it, at least not like there is in mega churches. If people did pursue it, they’d find that there’s a point on this path where you realize your supposedly rational mind is failing you and needs to be used as a tool, not the barrier that it’s become. I refer to this as “submission to a higher order of knowing” but it can be called a number of things and it’s not at all easy to achieve. If we continue to let total frauds masquerade as our spiritual leadership, the unending retardation continues. Everyone knows something is off with humanity. We need psychedelic updates installed immediately.

And since the bias against the idea that any sort of inner experience has meaning or value is still so intense, we’ve got to start with baby steps. One of the things that instantly struck me as incredibly odd when studying psychology in my early twenties was that in other supposed hard sciences like astronomy or physics, you can come up with nutty fringe theories about the nature of the universe and have them taken incredibly seriously. Do that in psychology and it just doesn’t fly or moreover, it’s simply not done. I’ll never forget sitting in an astronomy class and having the concept of dark matter explained to me. This of course was right around the time I was going through my psilocybin inspired psychic transformation. So, because other parts of the universe don’t seem to behave by the laws of physics as we know them, that means there’s invisible stuff fucking with it behind the scenes. The more you get into it, what they’re essentially saying is that 90% of all reality exists outside of our perception. That’s a pretty out there concept. I guess I never understood why the laws of physics couldn’t just work differently in other parts of the universe. Maybe up is down out there, but whatever.

The point is that if you simultaneously said that our conscious reality is largely dictated by dark forces of the mind outside our perception it’s simply not tolerated. The idea that these forces aren’t purely inanimate just doesn’t jibe right with what the hard science folks have been lead to believe about reality. But that theory isn’t based on physical things they might argue, and that’d be the problem. It is. You can quite conservatively say that while all sorts of bizarro inner mindgasm experiences can’t be perceived by others in a physical sense, much like how we infer dark matter and energy from the behavior of celestial bodies, we can infer the presence of dark mind from the behavior of humans and animals. These ecstatic visionary deluges from beyond absolutely manifest themselves into our world in quite concrete and tangible fashions. Whereas I can’t know for sure if Grant Morrison was abducted by higher dimensional freaks from above in Katmandu, I certainly can read The Invisibles and have my mind blown. Whereas I can’t tell whether or not Whitley Strieber was abducted by aliens or Robert Anton Wilson made contact with beings from the Sirius star system, I can resolutely say that something happened to them that compelled them to write about it. The inner weirdness couldn’t be contained. Others read their work and if only for a brief period, that potentiality of mind is transferred to the reader. This is how consciousness is created and spreads. It’s all language when you get right down to it. You can’t solve every problem with math.

The idea that explosive transpersonal states of mind are “real” is too hard a sell in the minds of most westerners who’ve been brought up to think them fantasy. And yet, whether or not you believe that someone is visited by grey aliens or leaves their body and ascends through the astral stratosphere, you can’t deny that these experiences they’re relaying do in fact affect their behavior in quite definitive ways. Robert Monroe was a successful businessman who out of nowhere decided to start a non-profit organization studying astral projection for instance. Why is that?

It gets even stranger when contemplating how these states have helped shape human history. Let’s face it, we can’t see people’s thoughts at all, and yet all ideas that manifest themselves into a more concrete physical space originate as energy forms invisible to everyone but the thinker. Gets even stranger when investigating ancient shamanic cultures and their obsession with the creation of astronomy aligned architecture. Try tripping balls and staring at the stars and see if you don’t start thinking you’re talking to super gods and other far out shit. We can test that. What we can’t continue to do is not entertain the possibility that much like when we look at the skies and infer the unpredictable behavior of the stars is influenced by unknown dark forces, so too is our very behavior often dictated by unexplored strangeness in the outer reaches of our wildest imaginations. Since these sort of encounters inarguably influence the world in a quite physical way, we might just start having to considering them “real”.


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Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken

8 Comments on "Why Isn’t There a Popular Theory of Dark Mind in Psychology?"

  1. Simon Valentine | Feb 4, 2014 at 10:52 pm |

    couldn’t agree more and, once again, good to know i’m not the only one thinking, pondering, working with, etc, it. i distinctly recall a mode of thought/meditation/being in which (and recurrently) the details were (and perhaps in some regard are) non- or even anti- communicable. it seems, offhandedly, that there is little gap or separation of the retardation and the empathy, the hive mind … the gnosis that is there and like communication but not communicated nor communicable.

    on the words kick, i now find it striking that we have “hypnosis” and “gnosis/prognosis” and “hypnagogic” but no “hypgnosis”. hypergnosis, perhaps. even now i decry “oh god what have i done, creating this road that shall surely be rotten, bridged, and trolled”. perhaps if ill is inevitable, how best to use it for good; yet all oto often a hindsight or fated pat-on-the-back. i’ll have to use the word hypergnosis at least once 🙂

    not familiar with the outright calculation of aeons (have been intrigued for some time) yet i also definitely see this/these contemporary falling crest(s) and consider there to be a mental power/mass/morass (dunno if it’s primarily dark or light and it may not matter) which exudes itself onto contemporary orders and forces them to change, die, realize. not exactly voodoo, not prayer, … spirit seems a word i cannot quite untangle from the idea, yet something doesn’t fit or is incomplete (i’m not actually making a pun about spirit or mysticism … i’m not intending that spirit and the sense of incomplete be confuscated, yet doing so is like alchemy).

    the traditional lack of discipline and necessity for something that isn’t job nor duty – mysticism for its own sake, no sake at all, etc. this and other trades/endeavors ought be sought freely – further allowance for the boa constrictor of eco/gov/edu to devolve to basal elements.

    an exo-subconscious. so much evidence. niche consortium. characterization. let them come and argue. let them fall to discipline of the hypergnosis. not baptism so much as a pool party. a big part of empathy is knowing how inner experiences affect the body or behavior, and thence learning to identify from the behavior or body of another that it could be a similar internal state. yet this is not sole. something that doesn’t speak … speaks. within one species it is largely simple, what with being constructed so similarly. well, most earth species, anyway. i find that empathy and maliciousness have their own system that feels as has been said “electric” sometimes. like cogs, despite there being no apparent physical connection.

    i wonder if “dark” is a category, however, as has happened in the past, if i give it enough thought before doping, something will congeal. often happens without altered states too.

    among friends i’ve made it something of a small pastime practice to apply effort to seeming coincidences, simultaneities, or singularities of mind. i can say according to measure that the amount of coincidences meets or exceeds comparable settings that demonstrate the phenomenon but do not necessarily train for it, e.g. marriage, (cases of twins surely exceed what we’ve known, come to think of it), parent/child, ….. buh … etc.

    good stuff, thanks a lot for sharing. this isn’t exactly the kind of stuff i spend time on due to the arcana-like feeling of tree-alone-in-a-forest, so i appreciate the opportunity.

  2. I think of our “spiritual senses,” to loosely borrow from Rudolf Steiner’s approach, are somewhere along the lines of the first evolutionary eye. We’ve a long way to go.

    • M00nface | Feb 5, 2014 at 3:58 pm |

      But what if this eye was actually closing over time… We know so little about previous cultures and civilisations, especially ones with no written language – perhaps their lives were more spirit than matter…

  3. matteyhunter | Feb 5, 2014 at 6:44 am |

    Go Hawks!

  4. Jung addressed this in detail and it also shows up a lot in Joseph Campbell’s work. I don’t think we need more mystics . . .they tend to veer off into materialism. What we need are guides to help us learn how to separate what “comes” to us via spirit from our own wishful thinking. Psychoactive drugs are very useful for breaking old cultural paradigms but eventually they are usually discarded because the trick is teach yourself to get to that same place on your own steam.

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