Lee Camp: SHOCKING Video Of Crashed Drone Hit With Rocks By Afghan Villagers

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  • http://hormeticminds.blogspot.com/ Chaorder Gradient

    you know, they are MUCH bigger than I thought they were…

    • American Cannibal

      I know, right? I figured they’d be 4′ 10″, maybe 4′ 11″ tops. The big hats make them look so much smaller on the teevee.

      • http://hormeticminds.blogspot.com/ Chaorder Gradient

        I’m now imagining a drone with a top hat. I am amused.

        • American Cannibal

          Really? huh. Drone in top hat. I’m gonna chew that over as I leave you with this.

          • Rhoid Rager

            Is that Conan O’Brien’s new sidekick?

          • American Cannibal

            Meet Andy Bin Laden, the masturbing midget terrorrrroorrrisst.

        • Mr Grim

          My imaginary drone is also wearing a monocle.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    Remarkably intact machine and without noticeable physical disturbance along the crash route.


    Maybe. I get Lee’s point and it’s a valid one. But I smell bullsh*t on the video that sparked the whole thing.

    • American Cannibal

      IDK, but this is the most SHOCKING video of a drone I’ve ever seen!

      • Mr Grim

        Indeed. I was both SHOCKED and DISTURBED to view it.

        Though I must admit that at first I was only MILDLY PERTURBED.

        • American Cannibal

          Yeah. The most disturbing part was Lee Camp’s voice. The brother pontificates in the style of Andrew Dice Clay pushing out a hard stool after a morning philosophy class. Thank god for fast forward.

          • Juan

            The dude bugs, for sure.

          • Mr Grim

            And thank you for that mental image. I’m off now to scrub my brain with industrial solvent… ;-p

    • Mr Grim

      Unless it fell out of the sky dead vertically, I smell bs as well. Absolutely no scrape markings on the ground behind it? I don’t think so. I say all faky-fake, or (long shot) the drone has been moved to that position from the original / actual crash location.

  • Andrew


  • echar

    I don’t get why they were throwing rocks at it. Did they think it was pinata, trying to get the Peeps out of it? Like rocks are going to do anything. DAFUQ!

    • Cortacespedes

      Dude, you throw rocks at piñatas? I think you’re doing it wrong.

      And they’re filled with peeps? Hmmm. Usually they’re filled with cacahuates, naranjas, juguetes y dulces.

      Better to use an AK on both drones and piñatas.

      • echar

        I was riffing off of one of his other bits, about how the US would be better represented if drones dropped peeps. Agreed about the AK, however I am not impressed. I tried the fake fully, and was not impressed. I’ll take an M1 Garand and 1911 Colt 45.

        • Cortacespedes

          Oddly I was just checking out John Browning’s finest work of art about two weeks ago. If I had the money or a use for one, the 1911 is the only handgun I would think about buying.

          I’ve never fired an M1 before, tho my father thought highly of them.

          AK’s, particularly the Romanian stamped receiver variety, are crap; thus the need for a 30 round magazine, opposed to an eight cartridge clip in the Garand.

          I tend to have a low opinion of all makes and models of assault weaponry.

          My preference is for shotguns. Shotguns are practical; they’ll feed your family… and feed them well. Ducks, geese, quail, pheasant, dove and rabbit can all be on the menu when you’ve a nice shotgun.

          And I quite agree that drones should be turned into candy bombers.

          • Tishamingo

            Okay, but you can’t under value the Browning 9mm handgun or the BAR. Both superior weapons also.

            As for the drones dropping food, I remember Bill Hicks doing a bit on dropping bananas…

          • echar

            The M1 Garand is one of the best rifles ever made. The weight means less kick and more accuracy. I speak strictly as a target shooting enthusiast. Which I haven’t done in a long time. Trust me, it’s the bees knees. Although watch out loading it, the action can getcha.

            I see what you mean about shotguns. I’ve only shot one, and it kicked like a mule. It was a 12 gauge double barrel over and under.

            I’ll tell you what, I can go for some champurrado, tamarindo, or some horchata. Through in a pork torta and I am in heaven.

            Now I want some peeps, I’ll settle for pan dulce.

  • InfvoCuernos

    HOW dare they disrespect our plastic robot death machines! At least they didn’t hit it with a flip flop, that would have been too much.

  • Mick-Doscious

    The video conveniently cuts off before the Humvees with the mounted guns swerve in and mow everyone down to get to the drone.

  • Hadrian999

    I absolutely hate drones, that being said, a smart tactic would be to make a cheap drone hull, fill it with explosives and ball bearings and enough flight ability to “crash land” and wait for a crowd of taliban supporters to form

    • Liam_McGonagle

      I’d wondered about that, too. You’d have to figure there’d be a self-destruct mode on those things when they get disabled.

  • davakins

    They are a rock crazed society, lol, no shortage of rocks in Afghanistan.
    There goes my Afghan roasted goat delivery drone idea.

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