Raelian UFO Cult Seeking To Build Embassy In Cambodia

embassyWill Cambodia’s Phnom Penh be the greeting point for interplanetary visitors to Earth? The Phnom Penh Post on the Raelian movement’s setting up base:

The world’s largest UFO cult has reached Cambodia. “People are not [ready] yet, but we will keep trying to spread the message,” said Am Vichet, the head of the Cambodian chapter of the Raelian Movement, which believes advanced alien civilisations created life 25,000 years ago in a laboratory. Its mission on this planet is to prepare humankind for their eventual return.

One of the main goals of Raelism is to build a $20 million embassy for the Elohim, preferably in Israel. Perhaps due to Raelism’s symbol – a swastika enveloped in a Star of David – the movement is banned in the birthplace of Judaism.

So Raelians are looking eastward and, last January, applied to the Council of Ministers in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The project, which the letter states will generate “several billion euros of revenue, as well as additional spinoff ventures”, will make Cambodians “the first [people] to benefit from the [extraterrestrial] Elohim’s highly advanced technologies”.

Ek Tha, a spokesman for the Council of Ministers, said that although he was not aware of the application, he would welcome an extraterrestrial movement in Cambodia. “I myself have researched UFOs and extraterrestrial life for the last two years,” he said.

3 Comments on "Raelian UFO Cult Seeking To Build Embassy In Cambodia"

  1. BuzzCoastin | Feb 22, 2014 at 11:49 am |

    once I arrived in Cambodia
    without a picture for my visa on arrival
    the boarder guard asked me if I had a dollar
    I said yeah
    he said, you got picture welcome to Cambodia

  2. Thurlow Weed | Feb 22, 2014 at 12:03 pm |

    For years, Raelian envoys have used taco trucks as embassies. So, this is quite a new direction.

  3. TennesseeCyberian | Feb 23, 2014 at 2:23 am |

    That Raelian symbol is like getting a blowjob while being punched in the balls. Ambiguous, in other words.

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