Robert Anton Wilson: Consciousness, Conspiracy And Coincidence

R.A.W. talks with Jeffrey Mishlove on Thinking Allowed about “metaphors of weird patterns”, fanaticism, projection, irony, mirrors, philosophy, and more.

  • BuzzCoastin

    remember when that was radical thinking
    Thoreau was saying the same things 175 years ago
    tao te jing, Vedas, upanishads, I ching, herdclitus saying the same thing
    2500 years ago

    by god
    he looks so alive then

  • wolfe23

    thank ye mos kindly fer dis timely reminder.

  • lifobryan

    Thanks for posting this.

    All praise Pope Bob!!

  • lifobryan

    I urge everyone whose life has been touched by RAW in any way to send this play some love & support – the production offers a really creative opportunity to introduce RAW to a new generation.