Skinny Puppy’s Nivek Ogre on Gitmo Torture Music, Animal Terrorism and Performance Gore

Abby Martin features an exclusive interview with Nivek Ogre, lead singer of the industrial music group Skinny Puppy, discussing the band’s reaction to their music being used to torture Guantanamo detainees, as well as their motivation to be politically confrontational, their passion for animal rights, and the need to speak out in time of universal deceit.

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  • BuzzCoastin

    they billed way too little for illegal use of their intellectual property
    did they ever get paid?

    if some midwest housewife downloaded it
    the record companies would demand millions a song

    • sonicbphuct

      I’m wondering when the RIAA is going to step up and protect *their* artists and sue the US Gov for hundreds of millions.

  • Andrew

    Great interview. Especially the answers.

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