Teen Arrested For Craigslist Honeymoon Thrill Murder Claims She Has Killed 22 People Since Joining A Satanic Cult At Age 13

barbourCould Miranda Barbour be the next iconic serial killer? CNN reports:

19-year-old Barbour told a reporter for the Daily Item in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, that she participated in at least 22 killings in the past six years in Alaska, Texas, North Carolina and California. “When I hit 22, I stopped counting,” Barbour is quoted as saying in a phone interview on Friday night. “I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them.”

A law enforcement source close to the investigation said Miranda Barbour’s new claims could be “the real deal.”

Barbour told the newspaper she had her first experience with killing when she just 13, shortly after she said she joined a satanic cult in Alaska.

Barbour and her husband, Elytte Barbour, 22, are accused of luring Troy LaFerrara, 42, through a “companionship” ad on Craigslist, and stabbing and strangling him to death. The couple, married for only three weeks at the time of the slaying, just wanted to kill someone together, police said.

Barbour told the Daily Item that she felt no remorse for her victims and said she killed only “bad people.”


  • Merkkar

    “Oh, my satanic cult made me do it!” Welcome to the 1980’s, everybody!

    • Anarchy Pony

      Get in on the ground floor of the satanic panic.

      • echar
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  • Damien Quinn

    Burn the witch!!

  • kowalityjesus

    Hmm, only bad people eh? Sounds familiar.

    • Sarcasmo

      teacher says it ok when gubment do it.

  • InfvoCuernos

    This sounds like a bad lie, or a cool graphic novel idea-come on, satanic cult in Alaska? That’s golden.

    • Anarchy Pony

      I’d thumb through that in an airport bookstore.

  • jasonpaulhayes

    Satanism is Atheistic and the first law is to harm none… nice try though.

    • Andrew

      There are many different kinds of Satanism, and some are theistic. And a few even advocate violence, like the Order of the Nine Angles, who call it “culling.” Mediocre try.

      • jasonpaulhayes

        I’m aware of Theistic Satanism and also aware these are fringe Neo-Pagan Cults like ONA… which was founded by a Christian Neo-Nazi turned Satanist, turned Islamic Jihadist.

        • Andrew

          Then make fewer statements.

          • jasonpaulhayes

            You’re a part of the problem, distracting from what the real implications of this article are… starting a Witch Hunt.

          • Andrew

            Yes, I know. That’s my intention.

          • jasonpaulhayes

            Yep, that’s what I said.

  • echar

    Soylent green?

    • Mr Grim

      Pink slime(TM)?

      • echar

        Could be.

  • Adam’s Shadow

    I’m guessing what is really going on in America are widespread Satanic death-cults with ties to the CIA and the entertainment industry ritually murdering tens of thousands of missing people? Yes?

  • Aram Jahn

    I think “Craigs List Killer” is tailor-made for clickbait, what with the assonance and the juxtaposition of the seemingly fun/free/easy classified site and…mass murder. Craigs List seems unfairly tainted here. Look at all the transactions that arise from CL that don’t involve any sort of satanic murder at all! It’s not fair. Not fair to Craig Newmark and Co.

    I mean: you never hear about the Fet Life Bombers, or…the fact that you can go on an innocent date off that site and end up with whip marks all over your back and red welts from some leather studded collar she made you wear, just ‘cuz she said it would be “fun.” (<—–Or so I heard about it, like, from a dude I know: his friend.)