A 1969 Visit To The Shoreditch Experimental Music School

Welcome to the Shoreditch Experimental Music School – I would give anything to have had an elementary school experience along these lines. This amazing Peter Fletcher-hosted BBC program from 1969 reveals the cutting edge of experimental art education. Highlights include kids learning about tape loops, a music piece about the concept of heat, and a deeply disturbing masked group performance about cholera death:

Children from infant, secondary modern & comprehensive schools apply methods of contemporary music, including demonstrations of simple tape & electronic techniques. The children discuss with teacher how different sounds may be produced and experiment with electric circuits and loops on the tape recorder.

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  1. Chaos_Dynamics | Mar 31, 2014 at 4:54 pm |

    Excellent thanks.

    Orff Shulwerk within Montessori continues variations of this interesting technique.

    Fun to think Delia Derbyshire was hanging in the background at BBC radio during this era.

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