28 Year-Old Bitcoin Exchange CEO Found Dead in Singapore

BitcoinThey’re saying it might be a suicide. There’s been a lot of theft, hacking and bad press aimed at Bitcoin lately. Now this. Make you wonder…

Via Raw Story:

The 28-year-old American boss of a Bitcoin exchange has been found dead at the base of a Singapore apartment block, police and reports said Thursday, in the latest misfortune linked with the troubled virtual currency.

Singapore police said they were investigating the “unnatural” death of Autumn Radtke, chief executive of Singapore-based First Meta, on February 26, but that no foul play was suspected.

A local technology website first reported she may have committed suicide, but later updated its report to say it was “unclear” how she died.

Broadcaster Channel NewsAsia said on its website Thursday that Radtke “was found dead at the bottom of an apartment block”.

Her death comes as the virtual currency community is in turmoil after the collapse of Tokyo-based MtGox, one of the longest-established Bitcoin exchanges, due to a suspected theft worth nearly half a billion dollars.

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5 Comments on "28 Year-Old Bitcoin Exchange CEO Found Dead in Singapore"

  1. Suicide, Murder, or Faked Death

    I pick #2. No, 1. Mm. No, 2. Final answer, #2.

  2. MatterEater | Mar 6, 2014 at 9:43 pm |

    after bitcoin’s widening acceptance, but invisibile from government gangsters who want a taste, and large banks that miss out on the transaction fees…this non-fiat money has a bunch of hacks (with no one claiming/bragging), a bunch of deaths, and the creator of it dismissing it. I’m sure someone will dig a bit more. Also….750k bitcoins stolen from mtgox, representing about 5% of the current supply at most. What is the theft, fraud, and forgery rate for fiat money under the current paper, credit and debit system…it’s a LOT higher. Again, a lot of hysteria. non-fiat crypto money is not going to go away.

    • Woobniggurath | Mar 7, 2014 at 10:39 pm |

      If I were Satoshi Nakamoto I would probably be feigning advanced dementia right now.

  3. Holy shit, looks like “they” suicided another one.
    Can you imagine the horrible shit going on “behind the scenes?” To borrow a phrase from HST, “the mind recoils in horror.”
    Can’t wait for the next one.

  4. Gosh…it wouldn’t be a suicide by ‘hail of lead to the back while fleeing’ would it? *snicker* I laugh…but the reality isn’t funny at all. We live in a world where powerful people express their displeasure with the execution of whomever has displeased them…and scarcely anyone can do anything about it.

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