Chinese Woman Awaiting Trial for Hacking Off Husband’s Penis Returns for His Balls

PIC: Uncredited (CC)

PIC: Uncredited (CC)

Apparently her husband had forgiven her after she cut off his penis. Then she came back and cut off the rest of his genitals.


During the first incident, Zhang reportedly crushed up sleeping pills and put them in Han Mou’s drink. When he fell asleep, she went after his private parts with some scissors and was able to flush his penis down the toilet before he woke up.

She was apparently worried that he was interested in another woman. “If he and I divorced, and that our children will have a stepmother, a terrible thing.” Zhang told China News.

Somehow Mou was able to forgive her. “I still love my wife,” he said. “She was 16 years old just like me, and gave me two sons.”

Zhang was released on bail and returned home to look after her husband and children.

According to the translation about what happened next, some time passed before Zhang became jealous again and used a syringe to inject a box of milk with crushed sleeping pills.

Then this happened:

“Zhang reminded of her husband’s underwear…the future of his two children…her heart has become increasingly irritable…stripped pants…picked up the scissors to his remaining…all genitals cut off and threw it on the ground.”

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