CNN’s Don Lemon Asks Whether Malaysian Flight 370 May Have Disappeared Into An Inter-Dimensional Wormhole

With conventional, rational methods of investigation still coming up short, is it time to consider the paranormal in regards to the baffling disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? A few days ago anchor Don Lemon queried a CNN panel of experts as to whether a black hole (by which he presumably meant a wormhole) may be the only explanation crazy enough to somehow make sense. Via Mediaite:

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  1. Don’t worry, the Onion already covered this angle:

    Malaysia Airlines Expands Investigation To Include General Scope Of Space, Time,35524/

    Yes, CNN has officially attained satirical news status. The funny (or sad) thing is that the Onion came out with their article a week before CNN went down that wormhole.

  2. Anarchy Pony | Mar 25, 2014 at 12:32 pm |

    Jesus, can somebody just take cnn out behind the barn and shoot it?

  3. Let’s just stick to what we know, as this Immarsat guys who now claim it went south is not without its curiousities (Immarsat is owned by several hedge funds with questionable histories: Harbinger Capital [Philip Falcone] and Apax Partners):

    Capt. Shah’s family moved out the day before he left on the MH370 flight, and his grown daughter had flow in from Australia and also dropped out of sight.

    The aviation data, and satellite date originally pointed towards a northern route, but now Immarsat suggests a southern turn/crash (based upon their interpretation of the Doppler effect in comparison to other Malaysian Airlines’ flights — will this be peer reviewed? (I highly effing doubt it!)

    Had MH370 turned neither north nor south, which they have kept telling us, then its flight path and trajectory would have taken it to Diego Garcia.
    The over-the-horizon radar at Australia’s JORN station should have picked up any airborne bodies crashing into the ocean, but so far we have been led to believe it did not?

    On the home flight simulator which Capt. Shah, a real technoid, built (not Microsoft Simulator, but a homebuilt flight simulator), the runway for Diego Garcia was on recent file.

    My vote now is for Diego Garcia!

    • Craig Bickford | Mar 25, 2014 at 3:53 pm |

      Diego Garcia is a USN naval Support Facility. Clearly there is nothing suspicious with this. Makes you wonder which foreign nationals on that flight were wanted for, and by whom.

      • And, during at least the Bush administration, Diego was one of the CIA’s extreme rendition/torture sites, and may still be, but we can’t verify that since the Obama Administration is suppressing that $47 million report on CIA torture (and I wonder who was paid that $47 million for a soon-to-be suppressed report?).

    • Craig Bickford | Mar 25, 2014 at 4:13 pm |

      Hey Sgtdoom do you have any sources or citations for this stuff, maybe even just some publications and their dates so I could look into what you have read?

  4. Holy shit, CNN just disproved black holes. “even a small black hole would suck in our entire universe” so since our universe at least seems to exist, black holes must not

  5. Ron Chandler | Mar 26, 2014 at 10:01 am |

    No mainstream media mentions the cargo escorted by two Navy Seals wich was transferred to MAS MH370, while the Seals died in suspicious circumstances. The cargo in question is the subject of serious queries from the Russian GRU (foreign military intelligence) to US military, and GRU alerted Chinese intelligence something suss was on the plane. China smells a rat because the mobile phone network in the Spratlys, on the intended MH370 trajectory, was jammed just before the flight went missing.
    The people receiving the engine ‘tweets’ are in England. The InmarSat
    outfit alleging the plane went to the southern Indian Ocean is English. I suspect GCHQ involvement. The plane was likely at Diego Garcia, and after the red herring delay in tracking it, may already have been relieved of its slaughtered passengers, then Global-Hawk robot-flown to the southern Ocean to be deep-sixed.
    Or are we really to believe three cabin crew decided to suicide, and barricaded themselves in the cockpit for 4 or 5 hours while they flew all that way unobserved? Come on. It’s a black op of massive proportions, possibly a retrieval of WMDs already hijacked – or something.
    Am I the only conspiracy theorist left?

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