DC CraigsList Casual Encounters Explode During CPAC

Pic: Kurt Lowenstein (CC)

Pic: Kurt Lowenstein (CC)

I have a feeling that a few of these might be the work of pranksters, but according to Addicting Info, the Casual Encounters section of internet want-ad page CraigsList get busy during CPAC. Apparently there are a lot of conservatives in town looking for some no-strings-attached play on the side.

Here’s one:

CPAC – I need a MAN. NOW! – m4m – 36 (CPAC convention)

So. I spend so much time in rural Indiana, CPAC is my only outlet for this sort of thing.
What I’m looking for, you, a masculine Ayn Rand, me, the 47%. And I want you to slap me around hard and give it to me good.
Or. . .you could bust in my room, catch me trying to enroll in a healthcare market place/state exchange, and the punish me for it. Punish me good.
We can meet at the bar first, if you want. I will be wearing khakis and a navy blue blazer. (possibly a joke but fun anyway)

See the rest at Addicting Info.

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  1. CletusBeauregard | Mar 9, 2014 at 1:13 pm |

    I’ll bet the GOPeons were hitting up Grindr even harder, lol!

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