Debating the Legality of Crimea’s Referendum | Interview with John Feffer & Eric Draitser

Abby Martin reports on the latest news from Ukraine, and speaks with John Feffer, Co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus, and Eric Draitser, founder of about what Crimea’s referendum means for the people of Ukraine, and where superpowers fit into this geo-political tug of war.

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  • Cocomaan

    I don’t understand why we’re talking legality of the referendum and not the legality of deposing your sitting president. If anything, these two should cancel each other out. There’s absolutely no reason to think that, in the midst of a popular revolution, other elements of the country cannot take up extralegal means to further themselves. Why does Ukraine need to have the same borders pre and post revolution? This is a revolution, isn’t it?

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