Eighty-Eight Pound Mucus-Filled Cyst Removed From Woman’s Body

Listen to the cat.

Listen to the cat.

The woman had been complaining of  a rapidly expanding midsection, but was otherwise healthy. When surgeons opened her up they discovered – well. Let’s just call it pure, gooey nightmare fuel. The eighty-eight pound cyst looks like a cross between the xenomorph egg from Alien, a rotten cantaloupe and maybe a meatloaf gone horribly wrong. If you want to see the pictures you’ll need to go to LiveScience. Your call.

Via LiveScience:

The 57-year-old Brazilian woman noticed her midsection grew over the course of a year, but other than a heavy feeling in her belly, and breathing that was slightly faster than normal, she had few other symptoms, according to a report of her case, published March 4 in the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

Mucus-filled ovarian cysts, known as mucinous cystadenomas, are fairly common, and most often strike women ages 30 to 50, said Dr. Jonathan Herman, an obstetric surgeon at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, N.Y., who was not involved in the woman’s case.

Although some cysts are cancerous, most are benign. The majority of these benign tumors are very tiny, and disappear on their own with no treatment. The main symptoms are a feeling of bloating or heaviness, or that pants and skirts don’t fit well. Larger cysts can put pressure on the bladder as well, Herman said. [5 Things Women Should Know About Ovarian Cancer]

But occasionally, a cyst will grow until it meets resistance from the abdominal wall, Herman said.

“When you cut it open, mucus just comes pouring out,” Herman told Live Science. “Mucus is very heavy, so they grow to a large size.”

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