Florida “Psychic Nanny” Helps Children With Paranormal Abilities

Can you afford NOT to give your child the advantage of a nanny who will cultivate their sixth sense? The Mirror on a so-called “psychic nanny”:

Single mother Denise Lescano, from Florida, US, is a much needed support for parents of children who show worrying signs of having a sixth sense. Denise uses her psychic abilities to ‘speak to’ the spirits and instructs families on how to approach life beyond death.

Denise, who believes she has been psychic since the age of nine, said: “My biggest mission in life is to get rid of the fear around what I do. This is not a scary thing, this is a very healing and comforting thing.”

Often Denise is called to determine whether youngsters are seeing spirits or displaying signs of mental illness: “Sometimes the parents don’t know how do deal with their children’s abilities.”

  • Anarchy Pony

    She looks exactly how I pictured her when I read the headline. Like a scam artist.

    • http://americancannibal.org/ American Cannibal

      She’s a storyteller, not a scam artist. Buyer Beware.

      • Anarchy Pony

        Bullshit by any other name.

        • http://americancannibal.org/ American Cannibal

          It’s a Free Market, sir. A Free Market. Everything’s for sale!! Ha, ha! Lady gotta eat.

          • Anarchy Pony

            Cuz we haven’t injected profit seeking into enough parts of our lives yet. How can I hope to monetize my ability to not have ice cream headaches?

          • InfvoCuernos

            I believe that “ice cream headaches” are actually a sign of the aforementioned 6th sense- you need to contact Ms. Lescano ASAP!

          • http://americancannibal.org/ American Cannibal

            Write about not getting ’em. Sell the bytes on Amazon. Profit.

          • Anarchy Pony

            Marketing genius!

  • Rhoid Rager

    How can she be psychic if she lives in Florida? Florida’s gonna be underwater in 10 years.

  • Jin The Ninja

    well she isn’t the ‘only one’ in the world. most cultures have psycho-social and magico-religious mechanisms for dealing with death and the supernatural. i guess this is one manifestation of that- commodified under capitalism…

  • Simon Valentine

    and then…

    infested Raynor

  • Thurlow Weed

    At 00:47, the matching fuck-me pumps on that cougar mom were just too much to bear.