Indian College Student Jumps Into Tiger Enclosure Looking For a Fight

PIC: Uncredited tourist/CoverAsiaPress

PIC: Uncredited tourist/CoverAsiaPress

Intoxication and/or psychiatric illness are suspected to have played a role in the man’s decision to challenge two tigers to a cage fight. (You think?) Thankfully, the tigers seemed to have been spooked by the man and left him unharmed.

Via Oddity Central:

College students are known to do the stupidest things at times, but this one just takes the cake. Yashonandan Kaushik, a 23-year-old student of Engineering from Madhya Pradesh, India, actually jumped into a tiger’s enclosure at Gwalior Zoo. The bizarre incident that took place around 5pm on Monday stunned spectators and zoo staff alike. Kaushik completely ignored their cries to come out. He took off his shirt, challenged the tigers to a fight and tried to chase one of the beasts into its cave. Surprisingly, he made it out of the enclosure unharmed.



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  1. capgrazdelusion | Mar 28, 2014 at 10:18 pm |

    Go to the Sundarban National Park and go chase a tiger lets see who’s the best! hehehehhehe!!

  2. Paul Hogan must have taught him the whammy 😀

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