Intel Panel ‘Very Close’ on Killing NSA Phone Programs

This reminds me of a Richard Pryor Joke. “The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is because vampires are allergic to bullshit.” They’re also allergic to sunlight, much like the NSA.


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via Politico

The House Intelligence Committee’s Republican and Democratic leaders said Thursday they’re nearing agreement on legislation that would end the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of U.S. citizens’ telephone data.

Negotiations on some key details remain fluid, but Ranking Member Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) said in an interview that he’s “very close” to a deal with Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) on a plan that would allow phone companies to hold telephone records now collected by the NSA and conduct individual searches needed to pinpoint suspicious activity.

“We’ve got to have legislation that will take away the concern and perception that people are being listened to,” Ruppersberger said. He added that he hoped to reach an agreement before the end of this month.

In a separate interview, Rogers avoided specifics, though he did confirm that talks with Ruppersberger and White House officials have been productive on a bill that would try to address some of the fallout from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s stolen secret documents.

“I’ve been working with Dutch, with other colleagues in the House, to try to put something together that protects, that continues to protect, civil liberties — that allows us to keep the fundamental portions of our counter-terrorism programs. We’ve been looking for those confidence builders for some time,” Rogers said. “We think we’re getting close to a deal.”

White House aides are “aware of what we’re doing,” Rogers added. “We’re trying to make this a collaborative effort. These are important programs. And if we can make them function, that’s the most important thing we can do. I think we can do that.”


  • Spasmodius

    Comforting news!

    This whole business puts those “Intel inside” stickers in a whole new light.

  • Juan

    What a joke. Especially, since they flat out tell you that what they want is to ” . . . take away the concern and perception that people are being listened to . . . ” They are not interested in stopping the mass spying. They just want to take away the perception that people are being spied on.
    More theater for the mouth-breathing masses.

    • InfvoCuernos

      “Just relax and talk about all your dirty laundry like no one can hear you, its ok. Just let it all out. It’ll all be held in the strictest confidence-unless its deemed to be a threat to national security.” Ya, my paranoia just went up a couple of notches. I can’t believe that all those paranoid potheads that had elaborate codes for their weed deals-“Hey, you got any salad?”- were actually ahead of the curve.

  • BuzzCoastin

    according to a galloping fox pole cat
    at least 70% of aMerkins bought this
    another 27% remain skeptical
    and another 2% know it’s bullshit
    and the 1% remain in control