Iraq War Soldier Punished For Not Killing Civilian | Interview with Ryan Endicott

Abby Martin speaks with Iraq War veteran Ryan Endicott, discussing the lasting legacy of the war on the 11th anniversary of the US invasion.

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Abby Martin

Abby Martin

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Abby Martin

3 Comments on "Iraq War Soldier Punished For Not Killing Civilian | Interview with Ryan Endicott"

  1. I love how they don’t shy away from any topics

  2. diensthunds | Mar 28, 2014 at 10:39 am |

    Punished? I’m sorry he said he was told he should have done something,
    according to him, but that is a far cry from an Article 15 (Uniformed
    Code Of Military Justice covering punishment), or a Court Martial.
    He said that the average Iraqi wasn’t a problem, he’s right they weren’t
    but I spent a year over seas and was all over Northern Iraq, I couldn’t
    tell the difference between the average Iraqi and an insurgent. At the
    height of the war you treated everybody as suspect until you could prove
    they weren’t going to blow you up, or shoot you. It wasn’t guilty till
    proven innocent, it was keeping you and the guy next to you alive.
    The Va doesn’t have veterans interest at heart? Wow he’s as clueless as the
    news reporter is. The VA and the DOD have a HUGE push for mental health
    access and treatment. I had more briefings for suicide prevention and
    awareness then anything else, both durring and after my deployment. That
    was going on 4 years ago and I STILL receive letters in the mail for VA
    healthcare access for mental health screenings and suicide prevention.
    Minimal health benefits? He really is clueless. Guaranteed health care for 5
    years following your deployment. Regardless of what you are seen for.
    And it’s cost free. Guaranteed educational benefits. Up to %100 of
    tution and books paid for (when the government doesn’t decide to shut
    down). Guaranteed home loan acceptance. You show me any other job in this country that offers those sort of benefits and I’ll kiss your back side.
    His experience with the VA? Sounds to me like he has field a VA claim for
    compensation and was denied. Didn’t submit all your supporting documentation perhaps? Or maybe he thinks that he’s some sort of inside investigative reporter and knows everything that goes on inside the system. I doubt that though. This clown is doing nothing but feeding the media and hyping up something that they can use to sell their stories, all the while complaining about how “the corporate media told lies” if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. Bunch of dam hypocrites.

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