Joseph Campbell and The Golden Buddha: On Living An Extraordinary Life

Eddie Stephens discusses Joseph Campbell’s “Golden Buddha” metaphor and living an extraordinary life.

  • DrDavidKelly

    Sorry Joseph but that’s a terrible interpretation of the story of The Golden Buddha. My story would go something like this: “So just like the Golden Buddha we are born golden and then so as to protect ourselves from harm we cover ourselves up, hide our gold as it were. Then one day when we are forced to move from our comfort zone we find this is much harder than we originally thought. It is then we fall and break but after this disastrous fall we realise that indeed we were gold all along.”

    • Ignant Tom

      Dr. Kelly you couldn’t of said it more beautifully. Your simple words were more true than the 6 minutes of video I just watched.

    • Kevin Leonard

      But don’t blame Joseph.
      Remember that there was a lawyer involved with that video.

  • BuzzCoastin

    Joe Campbell’s writings were very helpful to me
    I encountered them in a meaningful way at a critical time
    a great guide along the hero’s journey
    butt as Joe often said
    it’s up to you to do that last trick yourself