Complicit Corruption: Calling Out the Supreme Court on Citizens United

“Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” – Thomas Jefferson

This past Wednesday, Kai Newkirk – co-founder of 99Rise.orgstood up during a session of the Supreme Court and (while being secretly videotaped, presumably by another member of his organization) made the following bold announcement:

“I rise on behalf of the vast majority of the American people who believe that money is not speech, corporations are not people, and our democracy should not be for sale to the highest bidder. Overturn Citizens United. Keep the cap in McCutcheon. The people demand democracy!”

This is the first time that video footage has ever been taken within a session of the SC (these sessions are open to the public, yet photography and recordings are banned) and Newkirk will face federal prosecution in March for having the balls to stand up in front of these crooks and say what everyone else is already thinking. The Huffington Post interviewed  Newkirk and, when asked to describe this historic moment, he replied: “I think existential dread would about capture most of it. I was really scared – it was the Supreme Court – but I just tried to think of all the folks who inspire me; to stand up and do what’s right and sacrifice, even when it’s hard. I think courageous action is what it is gonna take to end the corruption of our democracy and I stood up to try and set that example.”

As for his organization, describes itself as: “a network of activists and organizers dedicated to building a mass movement to reclaim our democracy from the domination of big money. We believe that only by getting big money out of politics – by winning a democracy that responds to the real needs of ‘the 99%’ – will we open the door to finally realizing the progressive promise of the American Dream.”

Doing away with Citizens United and making sure that McCutcheon doesn’t get passed are great places to start, but if they are serious about “getting big money out of politics” then why not take the next logical step: declare a Vote of No Confidence across the board for all of these bribed millionaire puppets, and then replace all of them through the democratic act of sortition. Doing so wouldn’t just sever a limb from the Corportocracy, it would slice through a critical artery. In any event, this all seems like a very encouraging lead-up to the #WaveOfAction which is set to take place on 04.04.2014.

  • Virtually Yours

    Whoops! Forgot to include a hyperlink about McCutcheon vs FEC. It has been called Citizens United 2.0 as it would allow for unlimited political donations by individuals:

    “Shaun McCutcheon is a conservative businessman from Alabama who likes to give money to political candidates and committees. He dished out thousands of dollars in donations last election cycle. He says he would have given more, if not for the law that says an individual can only donate a certain total amount each cycle to candidates and certain political committees. McCutcheon thinks the law is a violation of the First Amendment. The Republican National Committee, which joined McCutcheon in the case, agrees. From the perspective of the FEC and those who favor tighter campaign finance restrictions, the limits are necessary to fight corruption.”

  • emperorreagan

    Good luck. Fully a third of the court is so ethically compromised that there’s no chance they will ever decide a case on its merits.

    • Virtually Yours

      “Fully a third of the court is so ethically compromised” And thus my suggestion for a Vote of No Confidence. If they voted in favor of Citizens United – and if it can be shown that there are additional ethics violations, such as those mentioned in that superb link which you shared – then they should also be added to the list of grievances. Such action by the people would admittedly be unprecedented, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible or even unlikely.

  • BuzzCoastin

    if they are serious about “getting big money out of politics” then why not take the next logical step: declare a Vote of No Confidence across the board for all of these bribed millionaire puppets, and then replace all of them

    yes, why don’t wee the sheeple do just that?
    my suspicion is
    most sheeple really don’t give a fsck
    and the ones that do are silenced & rendered impotent

    • Virtually Yours

      There is nothing stopping “we the people” from doing just that except for fear and laziness, a conversation which I believe you and I have had in the past. Instead of deriding the so-called “sheeple”, why not focus on efforts and actions that could potentially help jump-start the momentum which will be necessary in order to manifest true change?

      • BuzzCoastin

        reforming this system is impossible
        the best move is to bypass it
        wee the sheeple are not going to change
        they the oligarchs will ride this indoldnce
        till the whole thing finally implodes

        • Virtually Yours

          “reforming this system is impossible” Few things are impossible. Unlikely? Perhaps. But this is yet another conversation which you and I have already had.

          “the best move is to bypass it” I am all for creating a new system. A resource-based economy strikes me as the most practical/efficient, but if you have any other suggestions, I am more than willing to listen…

          “wee the sheeple are not going to change” That is an opinion and nothing more. Sheeple are people and if you have completely lost faith in humanity, then I don’t know what else there is to say.

          “they the oligarchs will ride this indoldnce, till the whole thing finally implodes” Again, the shpeople (there you go…that’s my new word for you :-) have the ability to rise up non-violently and replace all of these individuals, as well as the system which they currently inhabit. Just because there is no precedent for it in this country does not mean that it is impossible (a word that is neither helpful nor healthy)

          • BuzzCoastin

            in our recorded history
            there have been few egalitarian societies
            mostly existing in small numbers
            under primitive & harsh circumstances
            until they are exterminated or subjugated
            by elitists
            this has been going on for thousands of years
            in order go hope for change
            one has to ignore this historical record
            or believe in some kinda miracle

            there are hints and sugestions
            on how to bypass this mess
            hidden in great works of art
            it’s up to each individual
            to find their own bypass route
            you can’t escape the herd
            but you can be in it and not of it

          • Virtually Yours

            “in order go hope for change, one has to ignore this historical record” Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, so instead of ignoring the record we should be studying it. In regards to those few and small egalitarian societies to which you refer, it would be helpful to pinpoint exactly where and when and how things went wrong so as to keep an eye out and an ear open for such warning signs in the future. If it worked in the past then it stands to reason that it could work again the present/future, and that it can also be improved upon.

            “it’s up to each individual to find their own bypass route;
            you can’t escape the herd but you can be in it and not of it” The herd is made up of individuals, including you and me. If everyone takes a bypass route than the “mess” to which you refer will never be confronted and dealt with, just ignored. How does that help anyone? In order for civilization to exist, we just have to be civil…that’s it. These systems of organization which we have invented are supposed to be there as a communal network of mutual support and benefit. They should be fluid and transparent and open, evolving with the individuals and the resources/technology that support them…

            But it needs to be an ongoing process and we must be constantly aware of that which is going on around us in order to realign our priorities and then re-structure the system as is necessary. This is one point (of many) which I concur with Jacque Fresco: “We talk about civilization as though it’s a static state. There are no civilized people yet; it’s a process that’s constantly going on. As long as you have war, police, prisons, crime, you are in the early stages of civilization.”

  • sgtdoom

    Yeah, I’ve been spouting the same rhetoric for quite awhile, but the gushing gaytards keep telling me that Ted Olson, the lead solicitor for Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher (the firm which successfully litigated for Citizens United, and Bush for Bush V. Gore — 2000 presidential election theft, and Olson was also part of Reagan’s legal team during Iran-Contra) and a whole bunch of other sleaziness (and presently, the same shyster firm is representing Chris Christie), is for marriage equality, sooo everything is alright……!

    • Virtually Yours

      “the gushing gaytards keep telling me that Ted Olson…is for marriage equality, sooo everything is alright” Ummm…that is the first time I have ever heard anyone use that excuse. I mean, even Dick Cheney is now pro-marriage…would these same individuals to whom you refer be as quick to excuse the atrocities of his past actions? I would be forced to question the intellectual integrity of anyone who could be that shortsighted. But again, I have never heard anyone espousing such an irrational justification…not in person or in print.

  • terrasodium

    no man is guitly until he runs out of money.