Men Could Get Year in Prison For ‘Cannonball’ Jump on Manatee and Calf

When it comes to sheer stupidity and unthinking maliciousness Seth Andrew Stephenson, 22, of Rockledge, Florida, and Taylor Blake Martin, 22, of Alabama may give the Goblin Topplers a run for their money. They recently pleaded guilty to harassing an endangered species after a video surfaced of them luring a manatee and its calf to a dock so that Stephenson could “cannonball” on its back. They may get a year in prison. Read on after the jump for extra-strength Facebook stupidity.

Via WTSP Tampa Bay Florida:

The video shows Martin landing on the back of the adult manatee as the manatees swim away. Stephenson then uses the hose to try and lure the manatees back.

In response to a post on Facebook criticizing Martin’s actions, Martin responded, “hahaha…in my debue [sic] as tayla the manatee slaya…im f—- ready to cannonball on every manatee living yewwww.”

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Pic courtesy of sadistic idiot with camera.

Pic courtesy of sadistic idiot with camera.

  • Dingbert

    Dude doesn’t even know how to swim.

  • kowalityjesus

    Although asinine, It doesn’t seem malicious. I think manatees can deal with land dolphins. Does need to be discouraged, or else manatees will go the way of the North American giant sloth.