Mirage Men: Meet Richard Doty, Professional Disinformer

From the forthcoming movie Mirage Men, meet Richard Doty, professional disinformer.


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  • echar

    The intro made me think of Beyond the Black Rainbow. I think it is the ambient music, the hall, and the trippy way the camera sunk into the hall. Anyhow, this should be an interesting watch.

    • Matt Staggs

      I’ve had that in my Netflix queue forever. Worth watching?

      • echar

        It has it’s merits. I am glad I watched it, but it’s strange. It’s not your regular movie.

  • BuzzCoastin

    is will smith & tommy lee jones in this one too?

  • jasonpaulhayes

    Deus Ex Machina… On Hold

  • Thurlow Weed

    Klatu is not going to be happy about this shit, you realize.

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