OWS Founder Calls on Obama to Appoint Google’s Eric Schmidt ‘CEO of America’

Eric SchmidtOK, so who can sort this one out: the founder of Occupy Wall Street wants the President of the United States to resign and appoint her boss, Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt, to a new post, CEO of America. The Guardian reports but let’s hear from you in the comments if any of it makes sense:

One of the co-founders of the Occupy Wall Street movement has called on Barack Obama to resign as president, and “appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America”.

Justine Tunney, a self-styled “champagne tranarchist”, is now a software engineer at Google, but remains involved with Occupy Wall Street, through the occupywallst.org website, which she created.

In the petition, which currently has two signatures (a far cry from the 195,000 who follow the Occupy Wall Street twitter account Tunney started in 2011), she calls on Obama to arrange a national referendum to:

  1. Retire all government employees with full pensions.
  2. Transfer administrative authority to the tech industry.
  3. Appoint Eric Schmidt CEO of America.

Tunney previously hit headlines when she reclaimed control of the Occupy Wall Street twitter account in February, and mooted the possibility of raising $1m to form a “non-violent militia”…

[continues at The Guardian]


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  • Echar Lailoken

    There’s no mention of the Tunney proposed nonviolent crowd funded militia?

    • Jin The Ninja

      i don’t even understand what that is.

      • Anarchy Pony

        Yeah, if it’s not nonviolent, how exactly does it constitute a militia?

      • Echar Lailoken

        Will they tickle people, or something?

        • Earthstar

          probably chain themselves to things/people and go limp

          • Echar Lailoken

            Glue themselves to one another, chain to ladders, etc…

            Militia is an odd choice of words, imo.

      • Eric_D_Read

        She wants to hire cheap cannon fodder to take the police beatings instead of the important OWS people… like Justine Tunney.


        • Anarchy Pony

          Good article. Gotta love the old Exiled crew.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Sounds like right libertardian magical thinking to me. Leave it to techbro assholes to believe they can run the world.

  • BuzzCoastin

    let’s jump outta the frying pan
    and into the android fire
    let’s don’t be evil

    ps: nice bit of grandstanding for da bossman

    • Thurlow Weed

      Her getting a double-wide cubicle has absolutely nothing to do with elaborate boot licking.

  • Spasmodius

    Tronarchist, surely. Also, she must be on more than champagne, perhaps solvents?

    • Anarchy Pony

      I believe Early Cuyler refers to those as party liquor.

  • trompe l’oiel

    Coupe world order.

  • gustave courbet

    Taking brown-nosing to the next level.

  • Thurlow Weed

    I thought we were all co-founders of OWS.

  • Jin The Ninja

    a co-opter surely. not a founder though, co- or otherwise

    • Jin The Ninja

      i have a better title for her:

      crypto-fascist technocrat with authoritarian leanings.

      • Anarchy Pony

        Based on her anti unionism I’d say that’s probably right on the mark.

        • Jin The Ninja

          anti-union and a self-labeled anarchist!?!? wtf.

          i guess when you’re located in the space between saturn and neptune, you can’t orient yourself by a moral or political compass. logic is for the little guys.

          • Earthstar

            Google undoubtedly pays for tattoo removal

  • drokhole

    This is hilarious. The country is already largely run by the corporate and tech elite, and the “elected officials” get to make up the public facade of their control while taking the brunt of any and all criticism (conveniently absolving them of responsibility). That NSA lawyer’s latest admission (Tech Companies Knew About PRISM The Whole Time) has made their collusion/relationship blatantly obvious, shining further light on the hypocrisy of their feigned shock and public outrage. Why would Schmidt want to shatter that illusion and actually be held accountable?

    Quick word on Ms. Tunney, part of me would like to think that she’s doing some sort of deep cover subversion to reveal the nuttiness and Stockholm-esque devotion in the tech and corporate culture, but that doesn’t appear to because the case. Word is that belief that Google is the one true God and winning victory over themselves and loving Big Google is the locked-in mentality/mode among Googlers. Also, before being employed by Google, she was reportedly homeless and diagnosed with a brain tumor. Google helping foot the bill for her treatment and current lifestyle probably went a long way in shaping and cementing her convictions. She’s literally on the record saying, “they basically bought my soul.” And also tweeting stuff like this:

    “Perhaps I should go back to doing what I did before occupy: troll the world and cause pandemonium.”
    @JustineTunney, 2 March 2014

    So good job, I guess? I’m sure this will get plenty of viral mileage. The scary thing, though, is that these are commonly held views/ideals in Silicon Valley (not the trolling, but the ceding control to the wise and benevolent techies). Anyway, the Guardian article linked out to a few other blog posts worth reading:

    Undercover Googlers Defend Surveillance Valley

    Occupy Wall Street leader now works for Google, wants to crowdfund a private militia

  • Chaos_Dynamics


    • Anarchy Pony

      America’s second all mechanical ticket.

  • Craig Bickford

    Proof positive that OWS was never co-opted from day one (sarcasm).

    • Thurlow Weed

      OWS was never Justine Tunney, though, not even close. She’s just a person who liked to get high and write code, and behave like a narcissist in public. Her ideas weren’t always so absurd as Google CEO for President but that’s what drugs do, I guess.

      • Anarchy Pony

        In short, a techbro

  • Andrew

    CEO? So who’s the Board of Directors?

    • Anarchy Pony

      Probably the same people that are now.

  • Thurlow Weed

    That article published in Counterpunch reminds me of a Swiss cheese, interesting flavor but there are lots of holes in it. You might ask yourself this: if OWS was ineffectual why are you referring to it? You shouldn’t have to if its effect was as meaningless as some cynics say.

    • http://politicalfilm.wordpress.com/ polfilmblog

      And what is it you think has changed since 2011? I guess Syria is in flames with radical Jihadis sold as “activists.” Kiev, Ukraine, ditto but substitute “neo-nazi shock troops.”

      In the US, not a god damned thing.

      • Thurlow Weed

        Consciousness among a percentage of the 99% has changed. They were being encouraged to forget, if they ever knew, they were the majority, and deserve the greatest share of the wealth they create. Obama wasn’t the answer. Much more was needed. That message, sometimes more clearly than others, was broadcast to anyone listening.

        OWS is an example of what’s possible just as the Soviet Union was an example of what’s possible. The history of class struggle is full of examples of two steps forward, one step back. I celebrate the will to try, I encourage it in words and deeds. I do not condemn imperfection.

        OWS is one of the most imperfect organizations I can imagine but it filled a vacuum when it gained popularity that no other organization was willing to step into. OWS was never going to develop into the vanguard of the working class and oppressed. It was a bridge to a possible next level. But there were never any guarantees, implied or expressed, except by the man, his agents, and few narcissist activists.

        • http://politicalfilm.wordpress.com/ polfilmblog

          Rah, rah, rah. Oh brother. All the pep talk in the world doesn’t change who’s in charge and for whose benefit. That is the point made in the linked article which you so incompetently criticized.

          OWS was a pointless, fruitless waste of a good opportunity. It was a PR stunt that became the entire thing. As the article says,m they have yet to elect a dog catcher in the US.

          Now you can delusionally spin this any way you like to make yourself feel important. But that doesn’t change the structure of the US empire. It merely obfuscates what is needed to challenge it. What you did failed. Sorry. It failed for the reasons enumerated. If you can’t handle it and move on, then…

          • Thurlow Weed

            This is what the man wants the perception of OWS to be. You have adopted it wholesale. The Matrix has you.

          • http://politicalfilm.wordpress.com/ polfilmblog

            Is there an Occupy Improv Comedy?

            Thank you, Morpheus. I see the sunglasses now.

          • Thurlow Weed

            That’s Agent Smith.

          • http://politicalfilm.wordpress.com/ polfilmblog

            But you’re posturing like Morpheus. Try to keep up. It was directed at you.

          • sonicbphuct

            point? droll is annoying. Got a response to the statements, “Consciousness among a percentage of the 99% has changed.”, or “OWS is an example of what’s possible”?

            Do improve; the pedantic whining is boring.

          • http://politicalfilm.wordpress.com/ polfilmblog

            Oh, are we actually debating something? Consciousness? I’m for it.

            You have something to actually add?

            Camping in the park is an example of getting on society’s nerves and getting beat on with truncheons. America doesn’t even remember. They readily voted in Obama, the guy ultimately responsible for the beatings and tear gas, without a second thought. Or has that not occurred to anyone here?

            What’s possible? Jail is possible. That’s for sure. You see I made my case at Counterpunch, but that didn’t receive any adult responses here.

          • Thurlow Weed

            What did you publish at Counterpunch?

          • http://politicalfilm.wordpress.com/ polfilmblog

            You may need to scroll up, Agent Smith.

          • Thurlow Weed

            Ok, I get it now: you’re representing yourself to be the author of that article published at Counterpunch, blogger Joe Giambrone. I don’t know if you really are, or care, but for the sake of argument and additional lols let’s say you are the real McCoy: why are you pimping that poorly written harangue in the comments section of this blog?

          • http://politicalfilm.wordpress.com/ polfilmblog

            Well there you go again. Incompetent criticism. Do you know why it’s incompetent?

            I suppose it would be too esoteric to just leave it there.

            Your freshman critique amounts to claiming that there are “holes” in the paper without bothering to identify a single such hole, assuming that you actually understood the logic at a level sufficient to do so.

            No. Sarcasm, you believe, is a substitute for logic and reason. You’re so up your own asshole with your own sarcasm that you don’t realize that you actually need to make a cogent point somewhere along the line in order for the rest of the sarcasm to pass muster. Or else you seem like any other chimp with a Matrix icon spouting delusions without basis in reality.

            Your other idiotic line of reasoning is that because someone references something then that something must have been successful.

            “You shouldn’t have to if its effect was as meaningless as some cynics say.”

            ‘As soon as this policeman’s boot gets off my face, they’ll all see how we’re actually winning.’ Delusion is a real factor with this discussion.

            Pretending that you have changed the world isn’t quite the equivalence of changing the world. The paper you so incompetently trash, without ever demonstrating even rudimentary reading ability, posits that “Occupy” was a wasted opportunity, and one that could have been used to organize politically. A second point is that it was steered, from its concept and inception, to be ineffectual – to change nothing.

            The real power of this society was never meaningfully challenged. You might try finding some evidence to the contrary if you wish to actually debate.

          • Thurlow Weed

            Rehashing your complaints about the failure of OWS? Ok, I think we’re done here. I hope you get some comments on that blog of yours. Bye.

    • Matt Staggs

      Nice way to put that. I’ll have to add that to my rhetorical tool kit.

  • sonicbphuct

    I confess, I assumed it was a Da-Da effort at absurd satire. Then I read the article. Then it got even more confusing … “Post-capitalist”?

    “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed
    by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the Silicone Valley streets at dawn looking for an angry fix…”

    • Thurlow Weed

      Justine Tunney is thought of as emotionally distressed by more than a few OWS supporters. Anyone who considers her an integral part of the leadership of OWS is either badly informed or an agent provocateur with an agenda. But, the crazy shit she is saying in public lately makes for great blog discussions and memes.