From the Pages of Barry Ween: What We Would All Like to Do and Say to the Minions of the Surveillance State

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Barry Ween is a fictional “10-year-old boy who secretly possesses the most powerful intellect on Earth”. His escapades are brilliantly depicted by Judd Winick in the pages of “The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius”.

Barry is a genius, and we’re not talking about the regular Einstein type of genius, or beyond belief Tesla genius, we’re talking about 350 I.Q. “by far the smartest organism on the planet” genius. We’re talking about “self-awareness-in-the-womb-smart” (click images to enlarge).

Being the smartest creature to ever walk this earth, he realizes early on that for his safety and the safety of those that he loves, he would have to remain hidden. After all, we all know what humanity is capable of once fear of the incomprehensible and the unknown takes hold.

His first few years were long and arduous but he withstood them, and at the age of 10 he acquired enough freedom to explore the limits of science and understanding, albeit, still in secret.

NOTE: Spoilers below.
The above six panels are from the first page of the debut issue of the comic published in 1999 (full page). It was a three issue miniseries and contained some of the funniest most amazing adventures that a boy genius and his best friend, Jeremy, along with his childhood crush, Sarah, could have; including, getting sucked into a “big glowing vagina”, turning Jeremy into a dinosaur, and taking a field trip to the museum of modern art.

In 2000, Judd Winick released another three issues containing the adventures of Barry Ween. The comics included tales of aliens, Jedis, time travel, cowboys, Native Americans, and a run in with the surveillance state.

Staying true to one of the main themes of this site; privacy, government secrecy, surveillance, and the inverted totalitarian nature of our corporate state’s war on information, it is the account of Barry’s encounter with the surveillance state that we will sample.

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  1. jasonpaulhayes | Mar 16, 2014 at 5:05 pm |

    Reminds me of the character Gibson Praise from the X-Files. The “Syndicate” were always trying to find him but they struggled to because he was precognitive, able to read minds… and he was an Alien Hybrid.

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