Poll: Forget Alcohol, Let’s Smoke Pot

Health-conscious Americans who took part in the newest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll indicated they might avoid tobacco, sugar and alcohol and opt for some marijuana instead. Patrick O’Connor explains.


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  • The D

    I wonder if they were high when they took the poll…’cause that’d be the only way anyone would be foolish enough to rank marijuana less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, right?

  • trompe l’oiel

    That guy from the WSJ had a pretty steady perma grin on…..

  • Andrew

    Inhaling any type of smoke can cause lung cancer.

    • Dingbert

      Except cannabis smoke. No one is sure why yet. Regardless, inhaling smoke is unhealthy and there are studies that link cannabis smoke to other breathing problems like chronic bronchitis.
      Also, note that erisbot said vaporizing, which doesn’t involve combustion, so smoke is a moot point here.

      • Andrew

        Ah, my mistake. I missed the “vapes.” I also did a Google and there’s evidence that cannabis smoke not only doesn’t cause lung cancer but reduces a person’s chance of it. Interesting. I wonder if vaporizing is more or less effective at preventing cancer.

  • Rhoid Rager

    How about polling people about whether or not they think it is fucked up that someone else can decide what they do to their own bodies, including putting substances in it….

  • thisbliss

    That quip at the end just sums up where these douches heads are at. Even with all that is going on in America re. pro-Juana and the results of this survey he still couldn’t help himself. Heads up his hole