Rare Interview with Kerry Thornley On The Birth of Discordianism

Kerry Thornley was co-author with Greg Hill of the seminal Discordian text Principia Discordia. In this 1992 interview with Rev. Wyrdsli Thornley discusses the bowling alley genesis of Discordianism and how Robert Anton Wilson came to be involved.

(Via The Hermetic Library)

Pic: Loompanics Unlimited (C)

Pic: Loompanics Unlimited (C)


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    When I see a video or photo of these kind of guys they invariably need a haircut.

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      Your reality tunnel needs a haircut.

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  • Robert William Alexander Jr.

    I actually knew Kerry Thornley slightly: used to have one of his Discordian packet of stickers, signs, drawings, flyer to fictitious events: it was lost in a fire. He was a gentle drunk, an interesting man to talk to and a good friend to a few folks: to raise money to bring a schizophrenic girl “Molly Moonstar” (who claimed to be JFK and Marilyn’ love child)from confinement in California back to Atlanta (where he lived) he’d raffle off his occasional letters from Charlie Manson, with whom he corresponded. He was actually Lee Harvey Oswald’s roommate in college, and was flown to LA to be interviewed by Oliver Stone for “JFK”. He said Stone was disappointed when Thornley told him Oswald wasn’t gay, as far as he knew…He was a fit founder for a ”religion’ of chaos.’

  • Simiantongue

    I suspect that type of conversation took place at the genesis of most religions.

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