On Self-Consciousness And Revolution

typeGlimpses from a fascinating interview which the New Statesman conducted with Adam Curtis on the state of our culture:

When everyone is self-conscious you are stuck in your place, because you’re always aware of everything, and you will never make the big leap like falling in love or creating a revolution or doing anything really radical because you are so aware of yourself…we think we are somewhere radical but actually we are deeply, deeply, deeply conservative at the moment. And what has a veneer of radicalism is actually possibly the most conservative force at the moment. By that I mean radical culture…[is] stuck with a nostalgia for a radicalism of the past and that’s not the radicalism that’s necessary.”

I have a theory that people might get fed up with computers, quite simply. I think the interesting thing about the Edward Snowden case is it makes you realise how much the cloud thing on the Internet is a surveillance system. I don’t mean it is a conspiracy. And I just wonder whether, in fact – the Internet won’t go away – but its magic will disappear. Our delight in screens that we can go like that with [AC scrolls with fingers] will disappear. It will become a functional local library, coupled with sort of weird people chatting online, and the stuff that you don’t know is true or not, and another culture will arise separately from it, which might go back a bit to books and newspapers.

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  1. I think you might be right i would add that 3 things will be left of the internet that folks will not stop using and things that will go or lose faver first what will stay 1) social networking, facebook will start lose faver (and so will the big 5) in the next year or so what will replace is more locel more sociable. 2) knowledge sites alternative news and media and knowledge videos will make up most of the internet in the next 10 years intermixed with armchair scientists leading the way in open source science fuelled by sites like reedit and quora 3) netflix type TV youtube is too big now and will crash and burn what will emerge from the ashes will be something like netflix slash youtube slash khanacademy this will replace university’s schools etc as we know them as well as fat sores mass media in general what will go ( 1 porn a lot of folks want real life real sex porn will go the way of the dinosaur 2) google and microsoft will go open source trying to “keep up” or stay in vogue 3) trolls and “stay in doors” internet culture a new culture of outside will emerge. things like games will still be pop but will be more active

  2. BuzzCoastin | Mar 31, 2014 at 12:38 pm |

    Adam Curtis is clueless
    all his basic complaints are about the effects of electronic media
    without any awareness of the effects of media as cause
    despite the fact that he’s been a part of the media machine for decades

  3. goatonastick | Apr 2, 2014 at 2:26 pm |

    You heard it here first, kids. Books and newspapers are coming back! Invest appropriately!

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