Shocker! The FBI Cleared Agent Involved In Ibragrim Todashev Shooting

PIC: A US Navy special operator practices his Mop-Jitsu between assignments (PD) - US DOD

PIC: A US Navy special operator practices his Mop-Jitsu between assignments (PD) – US DOD

Hey guys! Looks like everyone can relax: The FBI has cleared the agent who shot and killed Ibragim Todashev, the reputed associate of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I know that we’ve been waiting on pins and needles for their decision and that it could have gone either way. Thanks to the FBI for the unbiased, level-headed investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing in general, and for their bravery in the line of fire in this totally believable sequence of events that doesn’t in any way sound like they the guy for what sounds like a temper tantrum (and bears no resemblance to several similar situations that I’ve assisted in handling that didn’t end with someone getting their brains blown out). Oh – and you guys, he was a mixed martial arts competitor, and as you and I both know, fighting with mop handles is a huge part of every fighter’s arsenal. Striking, grappling, and mops, Daniel-San.

Here’s how it went down (according to the FBI):

The shooting occurred on May 22, 2013, as Massachusetts state troopers, accompanied by FBI agents, questioned Todashev, 27, in his apartment in an Orlando suburb, officials said.

The report cites FBI documents that said Todaschev was writing a confession to a triple murder when when he attacked, flipping the table he was writing on and striking an FBI agent in the head. Todaschev ran to the kitchen and was heard frantically grabbing items before reappearing in the doorway wielding a long metal handle of a mop or broom.

The report said Todashev took an attack stance with the pole and lunged violently at the agent, who fired three to four rounds. Todaschev went down on his knees momentarily before he “sprang” to his feet again. The agent fired another three to four rounds. Todaschev was hit seven times, with fatal shots to his head and his heart, according to the documents.

Massachusetts investigators were pursuing information about a grisly 2011 triple murder that they thought could have been tied to Todashev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who allegedly carried out the deadly bombing in April 2013 with his younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Read the rest at CNN.

  • Anarchy Pony

    Is this the guy who was actually shot in the back of the head several times?

    • kowalityjesus

      the first one is for effect, the rest are for good luck.

      • Gjallarbru

        You’re on a roll… I really laughed reading that.

        • kowalityjesus

          ‘preciate that

  • BuzzCoastin

    it’s the 21st century now
    I think wee can dispense with the fake gruberment investigations

    can you tell the difference between
    a mafia hit or an fbi hit?
    not without media spin

    • Juan

      Same, same, but different.

    • Hadrian999

      the fbi have better uniforms

  • trompe l’oiel

    what a relief, now we can all rest easy knowing that the FBI is taking care of it’s own murder cover ups and PR. I feel safer now.

  • kowalityjesus

    I appreciate the sarcasm! hahahaha

  • New Monkey

    Sometimes I think that nothing can happen in America without the truth being distorted in some way.

    You can’t even have a school shooting without unexplained extra gunmen and state officials contradicting themselves…

    You can’t join in / start a war without fabricating and manipulating events…

    So you definitely can’t have something so simple as some nut job trying to kill people at a marathon….

    • Juan

      Well, the thing is, that it seems that the “nut jobs” are in fact, the FBI. Also, it is not so much about “kill[ing] people at a marathon, as it is about frightening the herd for purposes of manipulation.
      TERRORISTS!!!!! Be afraid. Support your government. You need law enforcement to keep you safe. We have to go and kill more poor brown people wherever we deem necessary to PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS.
      It’s you know, BULLSHIT.

      • kowalityjesus

        I saw a trailer for an ultra-conservative documentary about illegal immigrants from Mexico and a bunch of bored white dudes that protect the border. When interviewing, they cited “terrorism” as one of their primary concerns. And I was like, “Yeah right. Anything to keep out the natives.” But I do rather believe in a state’s right to maintain a secure border.

  • fizmath

    Todashev maintained that the brothers were set up but the media is being silent on that issue.

  • Reuben_the_Red

    The FBI needs an adversary to legitimize their looming existence, budget, authority. Not unlike NSA, CIA, DEA, and everything under the umbrella of Homeland Security. When an enemy is reluctant to materialize, an enemy is fabricated. We have seen the enemy, and they is us.

    They need an opponent, as much as a terrorist needs an oppressive regime. They need each other, and in turn, they both continue to legitimize illegitimate authority by force and violence rather than by informed consent and collective resolve.

    The Homeland Security State needs enemies so bad to legitimize its existence, that they can’t distinguish very well between real terrorists, fake terrorists, thugs, CIA informants, and real grievances against a global military empire.

    I bet they have great company picnics though.

    • sonicbphuct

      i’m holding out for the bulk picnics.

    • Hadrian999

      All authority comes from source, if you require consent you have no power

  • sonicbphuct

    Sometimes I really feel like I know what Winston felt,
    as he sat correcting the news of the past:
    able to see what it was, and what it will be.
    The Ministries of Information
    distribute the information that I *know*
    is appropriate – for me, a prole,
    and as I read it, I know,
    that it was not what it is.