Skeleton Key to the Conspiracy: The Eriksson Twins

There’s a gang of YouTube videos out there “proving” that So-and-So is a shape-changing lizard alien, based solely on minor video distortions.  And (if you didn’t know) Paul’s bare feet on the cover of Abbey Road is proof that MI5 replaced him with a double when he died in 1966.

Sometimes, the most innocuous event can be touted as evidence of a conspiracy.

And sometimes, the evidence supporting a theory will be so damning that it will push that theory into the realm of “fact.”  Like Snowden’s revelations, which proved what the Alex Jones crowd had been saying for years.

But somewhere in the middle, are those events which refuse to be either proof or conjecture.  Events that merely dull Occam’s razor, leaving you with only a slightly scarred hunk of rock-solid “what if..”

A couple of years ago, I saw one of these odd moments in a BBC documentary, Madness in the Fast Lane.  It told the story of twin sisters Sabina and Ursula Erikkson, who shocked citizens of the UK in 2008, when during the filming of an episode of BBC One’s Motorway Cops, they repeatedly ran into the fast-moving traffic of the M6 for no apparent reason, all while fist-fighting police and hollering about organ thieves.

Despite having been pummeled by high-speed cars and showing obvious signs of mental illness, one sister would be released from police custody within days, and would later stab a local man to death.

The motive behind the murder, as well as the twins’ bizarre behavior on the motorway, are wrapped up in mystery even now, six years on.

It’s one of those perfect, holographic stories, where a billion different versions can all happen simultaneously.  In near-HD.  A story that can be used as evidence to support whatever mad theory you’ve got going at the moment.  Screw Tower 7 and the Magic Bullet.  Just pull out the story of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson and watch the naysayers scratch their heads in confusion.

So consider this my gift to you, dear reader:

"Time to Believe"There’s not much information to be found on the Eriksson twins before the M6 incident.  They were born in Sweden in 1967, and before their televised game of chicken, they seem to have led mostly quiet lives.  According to the film, Sabina lived in Ireland with her partner and two children, and Ursula lived in America.

(It should be noted that MK-Ultra was an American program which supposedly ended in the 60’s.

As most Disinfonauts already know, MK-Ultra was the all-too-real human research conducted by the CIA, starting in the early 50’s, where unwitting test subjects were fed LSD, subjected to hypnosis, isolation, sensory deprivation, and even torture.  The ultimate goal was to find the most efficient way to control someone’s behavior.

Frater Isla

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13 Comments on "Skeleton Key to the Conspiracy: The Eriksson Twins"

  1. “No! NO, BITCH!” … This kills me! Excellent post. Thanks.

    Some may also find this interesting, considering your mention.

    • Frater Isla | Mar 19, 2014 at 2:08 pm |

      Me, too! They try to cut it out of most of the video, but I heard it! Hahaha

      • Frater Isla | Mar 19, 2014 at 2:13 pm |

        oh, it’s so funny, and I don’t know why

        • I can see it in my mind: Sensitivity training for roadside cop after experiencing strange encounter with the uber soldat twins.

    • Doug Denslowe | Nov 19, 2014 at 9:33 pm |

      John Lennon is still alive……….just hated being asked “When are the Beatles getting back together?”

  2. Folie à deux is rare? I see folie des millions every day.

  3. Anarchy Pony | Mar 19, 2014 at 3:27 pm |

    This is fucking cool. Modern day unexplained mystery type stuff. Fascinating.

  4. goatonastick | Mar 26, 2014 at 12:38 pm |

    This looks more like some form of “capgras delusion” along with some other mental issues.

  5. According to the book A Madness Shared by Two – Sabina didn’t kill anyone, thus the real killer/s are still out there!

  6. Rumie Larsén | May 11, 2014 at 2:20 pm |

    Whats the most crazy incident in this case? throwing off the bus from liverpool to london owing to paranoid staff? or cash in on Glenn Hollinsheads dead, like his brother do?

  7. @jacob Use yr common sense! Why should the privacy of innocent children (who could be subjected to bullying) and other family members suffer? In cases where their details (names, locations) are involved in the news, it is in agreement with all parties with precautions taken to safe guard the children. A lot of times this can’t always be done for various reasons.

    • Common sense, reality, and the truth tell us that if this story were what the video claimed, the news media would have been all over it, pumping out and dumping out facts, interviewing everyone, including the neighborhood dog. Since when has the media ever cared about anyones privacy. No, my friend, you need to consider this story with a common sense that is based in reality. I understand your point, but it does not hold up under todays media scrutiny where every iota of information, every scrap of scandle, and even every non-essential tidbit is sensationalized. No, something is wrong with this story.

  8. Doug Denslowe | Nov 19, 2014 at 9:32 pm |

    Have the Eriksson twins keep out of the public eye since the release of Sabina?No stories from other inmates?No nothing?Very strange………..

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