Skeleton Key to the Conspiracy: The Eriksson Twins

Sabina ErikssonThere’s a gang of YouTube videos out there “proving” that So-and-So is a shape-changing lizard alien, based solely on minor video distortions.  And (if you didn’t know) Paul’s bare feet on the cover of Abbey Road is proof that MI5 replaced him with a double when he died in 1966.

Sometimes, the most innocuous event can be touted as evidence of a conspiracy.

And sometimes, the evidence supporting a theory will be so damning that it will push that theory into the realm of “fact.”  Like Snowden’s revelations, which proved what the Alex Jones crowd had been saying for years.

But somewhere in the middle, are those events which refuse to be either proof or conjecture.  Events that merely dull Occam’s razor, leaving you with only a slightly scarred hunk of rock-solid “what if..”

A couple of years ago, I saw one of these odd moments in a BBC documentary, Madness in the Fast Lane.  It told the story of twin sisters Sabina and Ursula Erikkson, who shocked citizens of the UK in 2008, when during the filming of an episode of BBC One’s Motorway Cops, they repeatedly ran into the fast-moving traffic of the M6 for no apparent reason, all while fist-fighting police and hollering about organ thieves.

Despite having been pummeled by high-speed cars and showing obvious signs of mental illness, one sister would be released from police custody within days, and would later stab a local man to death.

The motive behind the murder, as well as the twins’ bizarre behavior on the motorway, are wrapped up in mystery even now, six years on.

It’s one of those perfect, holographic stories, where a billion different versions can all happen simultaneously.  In near-HD.  A story that can be used as evidence to support whatever mad theory you’ve got going at the moment.  Screw Tower 7 and the Magic Bullet.  Just pull out the story of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson and watch the naysayers scratch their heads in confusion.

So consider this my gift to you, dear reader:

"Time to Believe"There’s not much information to be found on the Eriksson twins before the M6 incident.  They were born in Sweden in 1967, and before their televised game of chicken, they seem to have led mostly quiet lives.  According to the film, Sabina lived in Ireland with her partner and two children, and Ursula lived in America.

(It should be noted that MK-Ultra was an American program which supposedly ended in the 60’s.

As most Disinfonauts already know, MK-Ultra was the all-too-real human research conducted by the CIA, starting in the early 50’s, where unwitting test subjects were fed LSD, subjected to hypnosis, isolation, sensory deprivation, and even torture.  The ultimate goal was to find the most efficient way to control someone’s behavior.

Of course, during a 1977 Senate hearing which exposed the public to the operation for the first time, the CIA officially stated that the program had been dismantled in 1973, and that none of these unethical practices were still going on.

Which I’m pretty sure nobody believes.

If Ursula lived in America, then it’s not a huge leap for a few folks to say she was an MK-Ultra subject.)

Early in 2008, Ursula goes to visit her sister in Ireland.  According to the film, Sabina’s partner told police they were “inseparable” before disappearing unannounced.

The twins turn up in England the next day, May 17, where they first gain the attention of the authorities at the Liverpool police station, reporting that back in Ireland, Sabina’s partner and another man have kidnapped her children.

Why they were in Liverpool is anyone’s guess, although there is an interview with the twins’ older brother in Expressen where he cryptically mentions their being chased by “madmen.”

After filing the report and leaving the station, the sisters hop on a bus to London.

A Madness Shared by Two(David McCann, co-author of A Madness Shared by Two, considers the scene in the Liverpool Police station to be evidence that the twins were under police observation and were involved in drug smuggling.  They were only at the station for forty-five minutes, something he says would never happen if someone were reporting as serious a crime as kidnapping.  He believes that throughout the episode, police were greasing the gears for the Erikssons to allow them to get wherever they were going.)

Their next run in with police comes at Keele Services, where the bus stops for an unscheduled driver change.

The bus driver expresses concern to his manager over the two women, who gave him some trouble as they boarded, refusing to let him take their bags.  He kicks them off the bus and leaves them to his manager, who watches as they nervously conspire and clutch their bags to their chests.  Fearing that they have a bomb, she calls the police, who come and find nothing more suspicious in the bags than a laptop.  They send the women on their way.

(McCann points out here that even the slightest mention of a bomb will bring in an army of freaked-out cops.  The fact that only three show up is once again taken as a sign that authorities were greasing the way for the twins.)

But it isn’t very long before police are called in again, this time after CCTV cameras have picked up the twins a couple of miles down the road, walking down the central reservation of the M6.  When officers arrive on the scene, Ursula and Sabina run into traffic to escape.  At least one is struck by a car.

The rest of the incident comes to us directly from the cameras that happened to be there and rolling for Motorway Cops.

The officers are told that one of the women has run into the road and been struck, but when they arrive, the twins are just standing to the side, calmly smoking.  As one of the first-responders fills in the new arrivals, Ursula breaks away and runs straight into the path of an eighteen-wheeler.

The actual impact is obscured by the head of one of the officers as he yells, “No! NO, BITCH!” before we see her black baseball cap fluttering up the motorway.

As the cops look on in shock, Sabina assuredly steps out into the road and is instantly pummeled by a car.  She bounces off of the windshield and flies into the next lane.

Ursula Runs Into Traffic(Some commenters over at Above Top Secret were especially concerned with the fact that in both instances where the twins ran into traffic, the instigating factor was the arrival of police.  It has been suggested that sight of the police acted as a post-hypnotic trigger on the sisters, causing them to “self-destruct.”  Hypnotically implanted “suicide triggers” like this have allegedly been used during the programming of mind control victims.)

Ursula’s legs have been mangled by the accident, but her top half struggles to move.  An officer tells her, “We’re police.  We’re here to help.”

Ursula answers in a steady voice, “I don’t recognize you.  I know you’re not real.”

She starts screaming for help and for the police.  Her top half starts fighting off cops, cussing and spitting at them, while the bottom half lies useless, suffering from compound fractures and protruding bone shrapnel.

After playing human pinball with a speeding car, Sabina begins shouting, “They’re going to steal your organs!”  The car’s windshield is a spiderweb of cracks, and the corner of the hood has been significantly crushed.  She should be dead, spine crushed to a powder.  Instead, she’s on her feet, punching a cop and running back into traffic.  Like her sister, she seems confused, calling for help and failing to recognize the police.

(The organ theft statement may also support an MK-Ultra angle, considering that some theorists believe the operation also involved the harvesting of organs from the poor to stick into the rich.)

By the end, it takes three officers and three passing civilians to restrain Sabina.  They each take charge of one of her limbs, and still barely manage to get her back to the side of the road without injury.  One officer later recalls, “She’s almost waving us around like rag dolls on her arms.”

(Sabina’s apparent invulnerability and super-strength have been gleefully compared to theories of Soviet Union super soldiers with their brains’ pain centers deactivated through dark science, and their skeletons made out of titanium.

But I should point out to the uninitiated that this story sounds suspiciously like the origin of everyone’s favorite Canadian superhero: the Wolverine.)

Sabinas DamageAfter all the craziness, the twins are rushed to a hospital.  Ursula is put in intensive care, and after only five hours, Sabina is given a clean bill of health and transported to a police station, where her demeanor has changed drastically.

Officers were now interacting with a calm and friendly woman, a far cry from the screaming maniac who, only hours before, had required six adults to restrain her. In the film, one officer even describes her as flirtatious.

(Here we have evidence that the sisters were possible victims of Project Monarch, the supposedly long-running undertaking sponsored by the Illuminati/NWO/Someone-Else-Probably, which uses torture, mind control, and sexual abuse to create programmable human beings who are said to be used as sex slaves for the elite.

Sabina’s flirtatious behavior could be a sign of Monarch programming, as victims are said to have artificially induced Dissociative Personality Disorder, with one of the personalities being devoid of sexual inhibitions.  This is referred to as “Beta Programming.”

For details on my unpopular opinion that there is no such thing as a Monarch program, please refer to my previous article, Donald Duck: High Priest of the Illuminati.)

Sabina receives a psychological evaluation and is deemed fit to go before a magistrate.  She has been charged with assaulting a police officer and trespassing on a motorway, but the assault charge is dropped before she is sentenced to a day in jail.  She is released on time served, only two days after the motorway incident.

(McCann says this is another time where the police made it easy for Sabina to slip away.  The mysterious dropping of charges by the police left the magistrate with only a minor offense rule over, making it possible to put Sabina back on the streets.  He also questions how someone who has exhibited such dangerous and abnormal behavior could be given a clean bill of health by three professionals only a day later.  Obviously a police cover-up.)

The story only gets weirder after Sabina’s release.

Within six hours of being released, Sabina approaches two men on the street, Glenn Hollinshead and Peter Molloy, asking if they know where to find a bed and breakfast.  She goes with them to Hollinshead’s home, where they spend the evening drinking together.

Molloy would later describe Sabina’s strange behavior throughout the night.  According to him, she seemed anxious, and went to the window multiple times to look nervously outside.  At one point, she offers the two men a cigarette, but quickly snatches them back, saying they might be poisoned.

Molloy leaves late in the evening, with Sabina apparently spending the night with Hollinshead.

The next day, as he washes his car in the front lawn, a neighbor is met by a bloody Hollinshead who is saying, “She’s stabbed me.”

Eriksson TwinsOn their way to the scene, paramedics find Sabina in the street, hitting herself in the head with a hammer.  When she sees them rushing toward her, she runs to the nearby A50 overpass, climbs the railing, and drops forty feet to the motorway below (self-destruct programming triggered by their uniforms, obviously).

Three months later, on September 11, Sabina is officially arrested for the murder of Glenn Hollinshead.  Within a year, she will plead guilty of manslaughter with diminished responsibility (an insanity plea, basically), and sentenced to five years in prison.

During the trial, the defense council introduced the possibility that Sabina had suffered an instance of “folie à deux,” or “shared psychosis,” a rare syndrome in which the delusions of a stronger personality, the “primary” individual, can be transferred to a weaker personality.  In this case, Ursula, whom the defense claimed had a history of mental illness, somehow passed her psychosis onto Sabina.

An alternative theory put forth by the defense was that Sabina had suffered from a case of bouffé délirante, or “puff of madness,” an even rarer syndrome where a perfectly sane person will suddenly lose their mind for a small time and then return to normal.

Either way, it landed her in prison, with a projected release date in 2011.

This is the last we hear from the Eriksson twins: We know that Sabina has been released from prison, but her current whereabouts are unknown.

As for Ursula, the only bit of news I’ve found was a comment by David McCann that she was still in America, possibly looking after Sabina’s two children. He says that she has undergone an exorcism at her local church to help drive away the demons that forced her onto the motorway in 2008.

(One popular possibility that I haven’t mentioned, yet: that the sisters were possessed by demons.  Those touting this claim believe that the sisters’ display of super-human strength, unnatural ability to sustain damage, and overall shitty attitude are proof of the involvement of demonic forces.)

And there you are.  A perfect weapon in the War of Truth. Whatever Truth yours happens to be.

I’d love it if I could just turn this whole thing into a lesson about confirmation bias and selective attention.  Point out that even though most of these theories can easily use the Eriksson story as evidence, they also happen to be mutually exclusive for the most part.

But this video still bugs the hell out of me.  I keep trying to trust the official story (whatever that means), and admit that although instances of folie à deux and bouffé délirante are uncommon, they do happen.

But dag nab, does it seem like a stretch.

The question remains: is it any more of a stretch than Russian Brain-Washed Super-Soldiers?


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  • echar

    “No! NO, BITCH!” … This kills me! Excellent post. Thanks.

    Some may also find this interesting, considering your mention.

    • Frater Isla

      Me, too! They try to cut it out of most of the video, but I heard it! Hahaha

      • Frater Isla

        oh, it’s so funny, and I don’t know why

        • echar

          I can see it in my mind: Sensitivity training for roadside cop after experiencing strange encounter with the uber soldat twins.

    • Doug Denslowe

      John Lennon is still alive……….just hated being asked “When are the Beatles getting back together?”

  • Andrew

    Folie à deux is rare? I see folie des millions every day.

  • Anarchy Pony

    This is fucking cool. Modern day unexplained mystery type stuff. Fascinating.

  • goatonastick

    This looks more like some form of “capgras delusion” along with some other mental issues.

  • iamamannotanumber

    According to the book A Madness Shared by Two – Sabina didn’t kill anyone, thus the real killer/s are still out there!

  • Rumie Larsén

    Whats the most crazy incident in this case? throwing off the bus from liverpool to london owing to paranoid staff? or cash in on Glenn Hollinsheads dead, like his brother do?

  • energy

    @jacob Use yr common sense! Why should the privacy of innocent children (who could be subjected to bullying) and other family members suffer? In cases where their details (names, locations) are involved in the news, it is in agreement with all parties with precautions taken to safe guard the children. A lot of times this can’t always be done for various reasons.

    • jacob

      Common sense, reality, and the truth tell us that if this story were what the video claimed, the news media would have been all over it, pumping out and dumping out facts, interviewing everyone, including the neighborhood dog. Since when has the media ever cared about anyones privacy. No, my friend, you need to consider this story with a common sense that is based in reality. I understand your point, but it does not hold up under todays media scrutiny where every iota of information, every scrap of scandle, and even every non-essential tidbit is sensationalized. No, something is wrong with this story.

  • Doug Denslowe

    Have the Eriksson twins keep out of the public eye since the release of Sabina?No stories from other inmates?No nothing?Very strange………..

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