Texas Judge Who Brutally Beat Daughter in Viral Video Unseated

Pic: Aransas County Seal (PD)

Pic: Aransas County Seal (PD)

Some of you might remember the shocking video from 2012 that captured Aransas County, Texas Judge William Adams beating the hell out of his then young daughter. His daughter had surreptitiously captured the judge’s acts and uploaded them online. Adams was unseated, and now has lost his seat. You can find the video online if you really want to. I don’t.

Via Raw Story:

A Texas family court judge lost his seat in Tuesday’s primary election nearly three years after his daughter posted video of him beating her.

Aransas County Attorney Richard Bianchi narrowly defeated Judge William Adams in the Republican primary election, according to unofficial vote counts.

The 53-year-old Adams had not faced an opponent since he was elected in the 2002 GOP primary.

His daughter posted a video in 2011 that she had secretly recorded seven years earlier, when she was 16 years old, that showed her father whipping her with a belt as he berated and threatened her over illegally downloaded computer files.

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  • BuzzCoastin

    that showed her father whipping her with a belt as he berated and threatened her over illegally downloaded computer files.

    the dude was just trying to prevent
    millions of bucks in illegal download fines

    according to the RIAA
    she shoulda been crucified

    • Anon

      El Duderino

  • kowalityjesus

    I had a girlfriend whose father is a lawyer that looked me askance when I talked about music I had pirated. It’s a fallacious legal paradigm that people think dollars actually equate to anything concrete, that not paying the price while receiving goods is always necessarily bad. The biggest exception I can think of is the Federal Government of the United States. What a fiscal joke, they should be lynched.

    • InfvoCuernos

      but Lars needs a new shark tank. Don’t you feel sorry for poor Lars?

      • echar

        He later admitted how awesome torrenting is. I feel sorry for the people who paid for Metallica’s last several albums.

      • kowalityjesus

        No, lol. But I feel sorry for people struggling in the entertainment industry. I get frustrated whenever I hear synthesized music. It’s all over the place on TV and movies these days, and it is so classless! ugh!

        • M.Reinke

          Wub wub wub wub………

          • kowalityjesus

            dubstep has died, but big-budget hollywood films like Superman or Gravity save a hundred grand and pay some dude with a synthesizer to sound like an orchestra, and I don’t think they realize how much classiness they lose.