Vatican Library Begins Digitizing Its Collection Of Ancient Manuscripts

codexBut will some documents be kept secret? The BBC reports:

The Vatican Library has begun digitising its priceless collection of ancient manuscripts dating from the origins of the Church.

The first stage of the project will cover some 3,000 handwritten documents over the next four years. The cost – more than $20m – will be borne by Japan’s NTT Data technology company. Eventually, the library hopes to make available online all its 82,000 manuscripts.

The 3,000 documents to be scanned digitally over the next four years include copies of works of classical Greek and Latin literature and mediaeval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts.

The library, founded by a 15th Century Pope, also contains important works of mathematics and science, law and medicine from earliest times up to the present day.

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  1. If it turns out they don’t have the world’s largest pornography collection, we’ll know they’re holding things back.

    • BuzzCoastin | Mar 25, 2014 at 5:34 pm |

      according to Disinfo’s “50 Things sumtin sumtin”
      Uncle Homeland has the worlds largest kiddie porn collaction
      and therefore I assume the whirledz largest porn stash as well
      the vatican may have more gay porn
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      • The urban legend goes that the Vatican had/has the world’s largest porn collection with the justification that they needed to fully understand and explore something in order to properly combat it.

        Almost certainly untrue, but too much fun to pass up the chance to keep that bit of disinfo going.

        Probably the NSA has the largest porn collection in the world these days, as a function overzealous data collection.

        I know if they’re logging my data stream they’ve got Cosmid, Queensnake, most of, plenty of Hot Kinky Jo, House of Gord, about half of Literotica, a goodly portion of ASSTR, Cannibal 4H, Dolcett, CarStuck Girls, Tranny’s on Skateboards, …

  2. kowalityjesus | Mar 25, 2014 at 11:44 pm |

    Do you think they’re really digitizing ALL of the manuscripts? Still this is some exclusive information that will only be meaningful to a select few scholars.

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