British Teenager Captures Strange Black Ring In The Sky

Via Huffington Post UK, introducing the Horrifying Black Ring of Leamington Spa:

Dubbed the Black Ring of Leamington Spa, the strange phenomenon was captured by Georgina Heap, 16, on her iPhone on Friday evening near Warwick Castle. Fire services have said no fires were reported at the time and the Met Office have said it does not appear to be weather-related.

Heap said it was “The weirdest thing I have ever seen. It was just floating there like a cloud and then it disappeared. It wasn’t birds either. There were about ten of us who stopped what we were doing and watched.”

UFO expert, Nick Pope, described the video as “truly bizarre” and added, “One other possibility is that the shape is made up of millions of bees or other insects, but I’ve never heard of insects behaving in this way before, so if this is the explanation, it’s a real-life X-File.”

  • Stoker

    Search youtube for “electrical transformer explosion ring”

    • Echar Lailoken

      Yes, although I’ve read elsewhere that this is a smoke ring from a firework.

      • Anarchy Pony

        That was my thought.

        • Echar Lailoken

          Here’s the details

          The eventual answer came in the middle of Tuesday afternoon when a statement from Warwick Castle confirmed that they had been testing fireworks.

          A Warwick Castle spokesman said they had been trying out “fire effects” to go with the daily firing of the Trebuchet Fireball – a giant catapult.

          “We’ve seen a number of different effects, including the
          vortex images that have been reported,” the spokesman said. “As yet we don’t know what causes the phenomenon but it’s certainly a spooky spectacle.”

          • Anarchy Pony

            It’s an X-File alright.

          • Echar Lailoken

            High blandness

          • nth

            longchain hydrocarbons can can create wispy, cob-web like threads that will persist after incomplete combustion. you can see these from candles sometimes. likely paraffin granule binders in the fireworks.

          • Echar Lailoken

            Thank you.

          • Stoker

            Neat! Thanks for the responses. This has been an interesting/educational thread.

          • Echar Lailoken

            You are welcome.

    • jasonpaulhayes

      Uhhh, No !

  • Dmonix

    No it’s not an electrical “transformer ring”… This is caused by back yard chicken pens, chickens fed around the same time, go to the bathroom around the same time. These rings are the methane from the flatulence of these back yard chicken farms. No I know you’re thinking, “ok, jokster’, why have we not seen these before now?” -Well here’s why, we have, we just didn’t remember!

  • Gordon Klock

    When a flaming object is tossed by a trebuchet, rings of sooty smoke, that look just like this, sometimes occur.

  • Skeeter

    My friends completely annoy me when they do that